Services & Surveys

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The Water Conservation Program offers a variety of free services for our customers.  These services are provided to help customers save money by reducing their water use and ensuring compliance with water conservation regulations.

Customers can request any of the free services outlined below by submitting a service request through FresGO, or by calling the 311 Center by dialing 3-1-1 from within City limits or by calling (559) 621-CITY (2489).

Water-Wise Landscape Consultation

Landscape Water Conservation Specialists provide a water-wise landscape consultation and basic design service at customer properties. The service includes recommendations for water-wise plants suitable for the Fresno area, irrigation installation, irrigation methods, and turf removal. A simple design may be drawn onsite to give the customer ideas of water-wise landscape possibilities. The value of conversion by stages is explained if the customer is unable to make all of the changes at one time.

Irrigation Efficiency Audit

With this service, a Landscape Water Conservation Specialist will check the water meter, inspect irrigation systems, and suggest maintenance, improvements and adjustments. Irrigation products and installation are discussed, including information about drip irrigation.  The Outdoor Water Use Schedule is reviewed and adjustments are made to the irrigation timer if needed

Irrigation Controller Assistance (Timer Tutorial)

Customers often request this service so that they can understand their timer and comply with the Outdoor Water Use Schedule.  Landscape Water Conservation Specialists will show customers how to set their irrigation controller to make proper adjustments in the future.  The existing controller is discussed, as well as any maintenance needs or potential future replacement.

Interior/Exterior Water Leak Surveys

If a customer suspects a leak, receives a high-water bill, or has received a notice from Water Conservation Program staff, they are encouraged to consider requesting a water leak survey.  These surveys are conducted by a Landscape Water Conservation Specialist or a Water Conservation Representative.  During the survey, the customer’s water usage is discussed, the water meter is checked, as are all water connections and items connected to water, both interior and exterior.  Staff discusses the findings and recommendations with the customer, and a report is left with the customer.

Water Conservation for Businesses

The City of Fresno’s water system serves a diverse, multi-faceted business community.  The Water Conservation Program for Businesses offers commercial, industrial, and institutional customers an opportunity to evaluate their current water use to promote greater efficiency.

Water Efficiency Survey and Analysis for Businesses
A water efficiency survey and analysis is tailored to the size and nature of each business.  The survey helps identify where and how much water is being used at a business.  It includes an evaluation of current water use at the site and a water consumption history.
Recommendations to improve water use efficiency in restrooms, showers, and break areas are provided.

Who is Eligible?
A water efficiency survey and analysis for businesses is available to all commercial, industrial, and institutional customers who pay a water bill to the City of Fresno.

  • Commercial customers – water users that provide or distribute a product or a service such as hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.
  • Industrial customers – water users that are primarily manufacturers or processors of materials.
  • Institutional customers – water-using establishments dedicated to public services such as schools, courts, churches, hospitals, and government facilities.