A Message from the Chief

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chief of police

I am excited and honored to have been sworn in as the 23rd Police Chief of the Fresno Police Department. It is my privilege to lead the men and women of one of the finest police departments in the nation.  The culturally rich and flourishing Fresno community is deserving of a professional, highly competent, and engaging police department. As your chief of police, I make the commitment to build and maintain public trust while partnering with the community to make Fresno a safer place to live.

2020 was a landmark year for law enforcement across our nation. Various events have created a platform for important causes and movements revolving around race, equality, and fairness within our criminal justice system. It is important to capitalize on this opportunity to make systematic improvements in the way we police and deal with members of our community. Although the Fresno Police Department is ahead of the curve in many areas, we will continue to improve on several fronts, most notably transparency with our community, public safety, and officer wellness.

Communication is essential towards building public trust.  The Fresno Police Department will always strive to be open, transparent, and work hand-in-hand with the community to ensure our citizens are heard and valued.  I firmly believe in the sanctity of life, meaning every person, no matter what their circumstances, is valued and their life is sacred.   The job of a police officer is extremely difficult, especially in these ever-changing times.  Police officers must have the support of their community and their police chief to be successful and accomplish their mission.  They will always have my support when they are professional, adhere to department policy, and treat everyone they encounter with dignity and respect.

I look forward to developing innovative strategies to reduce crime and minimize fear in our community.  Together, along with city leadership and the support of the community, the Fresno Police Department will be the model for success not only in the Central Valley but in the State of California.

Paco Balderrama
Chief of Police