Cooling Centers

The City of Fresno Cooling Centers are brought to you by a generous contribution from our partner, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

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When it’s unbearably hot in Fresno, come use one of our cooling centers or local pools to get some relief.

Cooling Center Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic
When the National Weather Service forecasts a high of 105 degrees or hotter:

In order to reduce the risk of transmission, the cooling centers will not allow the use of any recreational equipment or games while the cooling center is open to the public.

The City of Fresno will follow the guidelines for social distancing, sanitation, and health screening found in Modified Appendix A under Emergency Order 2020-17 and will have protective facial covering available for all visitors. The City recommends that members of the public limit interaction and close contact with others, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, and stay home if you are sick.

  • At 1 p.m., the City will activate the following four Cooling Centers and will remain open until 7:00 p.m., in accordance with State guidelines.
  • For weekend activation: If the temperature is projected to reach 105 degrees either day the cooling centers will be activated for both weekend days (Saturday and Sunday)
  • The City’s FAX Bus system will provide free transportation along normal routes to and from Cooling Centers.
  • To ride free, residents must indicate they are traveling to a Cooling Center
  • PARCS will provide free swimming during scheduled Rec Swim hours (1 to 5 p.m.) at the City’s three standard pool locations. *Pools will open June 12, 2017 – August 13, 2017
  • Splash Parks open from 9a-8:00pm every day except Tuesdays when they are open from 12-8pm.
    They are located at Dickey Playground (Divisidero/Blackstone), Fig Garden Loop Park (Fig Garden & Santa Fe), Todd Beamer (Maple and Perrin), Martin Rey Reilly Splash park 750 N. Chestnut (Chestnut & Hwy 180), Inspiration Park – 5770 W. Gettysburg Ave (Gettysburg & Polk).
  • For information or assistance with the City Heat Relief Plan call (559) 621-CITY (2489)

Non-Forecasted Activation
If the forecast is below 105 degrees, City officials will monitor conditions and may call for activation. If it becomes apparent that the daily high will break 105 degrees, or if it has already reached that mark, PARCS will immediately notify the One Call Center, the Webmaster and the FAX Dispatch office.

  • PARCS will also generate an email to the Cooling Center distribution list and the City’s Communication team will assist with notification of local media.
  • PARCS will have the four regular cooling center facilities opened within 90 minutes following the notification of all City involved staff.
  • If the non-forecasted opening occurs before 5pm, the pools will also be notified and entry fees will be waived.
  • Additional activations may occur at any time if urgent public health and safety issues arise or the City faces prolonged periods of intense heat (i.e. 5+ days).

Don’t forget your pets! Never leave your pet in a parked car.
The CCSPCA‘s recommendations for animals during extreme heat:

If you or your family should have to visit one of Fresno City’s Cooling Centers we recommend that you leave your pets at home where they are content and secure and make sure that you provide plenty of SHADE and FRESH water. They will need plenty of fresh water in drowning safe containers that are out of direct sun. It is much more stress on the- animals to transport them and keep them in an unfamiliar place. Remember that the shade areas will change as the sun passes overhead and the animals should have shade through out the day. The exception to this being service animals should you need them with you at the cooling center. Thank you for caring for your animals and protecting them.

For further information on Hot Weather Tips and Help please visit or call the Education Department at (559) 233-0115.