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Investing in and giving voice to the leaders of tomorrow, today.

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You’ve heard it said that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow. While that is true, I firmly believe that the youth are also the leaders of today. Below you will find links to programs and services that our youth can get involved in.

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One Fresno Youth Jobs Corps

Workforce connection

The Dyer Administration is committed to our young people. As a part of Mayor Dyer’s Youth Leadership initiative we have partnered with the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board to provide young adults (ages 14-24) pathways to education, training, and personal development.


This Young Adult Services Program (YAS) provides a comprehensive array of services that focus on assisting young adults with one or more barriers to employment to prepare for post-secondary education and employment opportunities, attain educational and/or skills training credentials, and secure employment with career or promotional employment opportunities.

The Academic Excellence Model focuses on empowering young adults with the foundation to be successful in seizing employment opportunities in today’s labor market.   Young adult services include:

  • One on one assistance with personalized career road map
  • Online tutoring in reading and math
  • High school diploma/equivalency assistance
  • Education and career assessments
  • College or vocational training preparation assistance
  • Exploring and developing a career goal
  • Job readiness workshops
  • Interview preparation workshops
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • Mentoring programs
  • Leadership development
  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Training scholarships
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Job placement assistance

The minimum qualifications to receive personal guidance and assistance from a professional staff member is as follows:

  • Must be 14-24 years of age
  • Parent or legal guardian signature is required for those under 18
  • Must be authorized to work in the USA
  • Maybe required to meet Low-income eligibility guidelines
  • Be a Fresno County resident
  • Males 18 and older must meet military selective services compliance requirements

Participant flyer  

There are 3 simple steps to register and start the pathway to education and a rewarding career.

  1. Get Started – To learn more about our Young Adult Services view our orientation video. (embed this video on the page:
  2. Complete and Submit an Appointment/Referral Request Form
    (insert fillable form here) at the bottom please add the following disclaimer. This is not a City of Fresno administered program this workforce innovation and opportunity act (WIOA), Title I-financially assisted program/service is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to people with disabilities and/or limited English proficiency.
  3. Make the Connection – Register for a CalJOBS account at

Expedite your request for services, send secure messages to staff, Conduct job search and access labor marker career and employment data. After completing the aforementioned three steps, a  member of the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board will contact you. For other questions/comments contact the 559-490-7189.

Serve on the Youth Commission

Who We Are and What We Do
The purpose of the Youth Commission is to bring Fresno’s young people to the decision-making table on issues impacting youth within the jurisdiction (powers) of the city. The Youth Commission will serve as a space where young people can work to create positive change in our community by using their voices in shaping and developing social, economic, recreational, and educational programs that serve youth.

The City of Fresno Youth Commission will be composed of 16 youth ages 15-21, eight voting members, and eight alternate, non-voting members. Two members will be appointed from each of Fresno’s seven city council districts and two will be appointed at large by the Mayor. Appointments are for a two-year term. Procedures are in place to ensure that the members of the Youth Commission are representative and inclusive of the rich diversity of the City of Fresno, including but not limited to:

  • Ethnically and culturally diverse youth
  • Youth with health disparities
  • Youth who are out of school
  • Youth who are unemployed
  • Youth who are homeless
  • Youth who are LGBTQIA+

Youth Commissioners will be trained and supported by the Youth Leadership Institute and the City of Fresno. Each year, Youth Commissioners benefit from youth leadership training and prioritize those issues that most impact youth and/or that have little or no youth input or representation.

How Often We Meet
At least once a month for 2 hours, but usually meet twice a month. Youth Commissioners decide their meeting dates and times that work best to accommodate their schedules. Meetings tend to be in the evenings. Commissioners must be willing to commit 10 hours a month to the Youth Commission in times when needed.


Who can be a Commissioner?
Each voting member and alternate must attend a school and/or reside in the city of Fresno and be between the ages of 15 and 21. You must be passionate about youth and community issues—about the decisions the city makes that affect you and your friends!

What dates and activities are mandatory to attend as a Commissioner?

  • Swearing-In and Meet Elected Officials
  • Youth and Parent Orientation
  • Meeting with Elected Officials
  • Monthly Meetings and/or training: Twice a month but at least once a month
  • One-two Day Summer Training
  • One-Day Winter Training
  • One-Day Spring Training