Station Locations

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ARFF Station: 5065 E Andersen (Andersen & Ashley) 93727 

The City of Fresno’s Fresno Air Terminal, also known as the Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FYI), is an Index C Airport with nine air passenger carriers offering Valley passengers 16 non-stop destinations in the US and Mexico.  Annually, more than 1.5 million travelers and passengers pass through FYI.  Along with commercial flights, FYI also served two of the world’s largest air cargo carriers United Parcel Service and Federal Express aircraft. The airport has a General Aviation component serviced by several Fixed Based Operators.

The Fresno Fire Department (FFD) has an established Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Specialty Team, which works in conjunction with Airport Public Safety.  At FYI, FFD ARFF members are cross-trained in aircraft and structural firefighting, prepared to respond to fire and medical emergencies.  These specialized firefighters receive certified training for incidents unique to an airport.  This special category of firefighting involves response, hazard mitigation, evacuation, and possible rescue of passengers and crew of an aircraft involved in an airport ground emergency.  The department staffs two specially equipped ARFF apparatus staffed by FFD qualified personnel 24/7/365 to meet FAA 139 index requirements.  The ARFF station is centrally located within the airport and has been housing members since 1962.

Station No. 1: 1264 N. Jackson (Jackson & Olive) 93703

Station 1

Constructed in 1981 and located at 1264 North Jackson near Olive, Station 1 houses an engine, a ladder truck, a Battalion Chief, and the elite Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Response Team (HMRT).  In addition to their regular firefighting duties, members of this crew train constantly in the demanding job of keeping up with the ever-changing world of hazardous chemicals, pesticides, and explosives.  This station covers much of Southeast Fresno’s mixed industrial and residential areas. The units from Station No. 1 were first on scene at the December 1994 Learjet crash on Olive Avenue.

Station No. 2: 7114 N. West (West & Herndon) 93711

Station 2

Constructed in 1981 under the Urban Growth Management (UGM) program, Station 2 is located at 7114 North West Avenue just north of Herndon. Station No. 2 houses an engine and an ICS/FIRESCOPE type 6 patrol vehicle. The crew of Station 2 faces diverse firefighting challenges responding to emergencies in river bottom areas along the north end of The Bluffs Community, as well as urban residential areas.

Station No. 3: 1406 Fresno Street (E & Fresno) 93706

Fire Station 3
Station 3

Constructed in 1938 and located at 1406 Fresno Street near E Street, Station No. 3 houses an engine, a ladder truck, an ICS/FIRESCOPE type 3 brush engine, a mobile ventilation unit, and the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) vehicle.

At the time of construction, Station 3 was cast in a single block of concrete and is affectionately known as “The Rock”.  Station No. 3 is the oldest fire station in the Fresno Metropolitan area and has been placed on the State Registry of Historical buildings. Originally built to house 32 firefighters, this cavernous firehouse is now home to a crew of seven.  It is one of two stations in the Fresno Fire Department that still have functional brass poles. Station No.3 is one of the busiest fire stations in the San Joaquin Valley.

Station 3 protects downtown Fresno, including most of the high-rise district, the Fulton Mall, and much of southwest Fresno. The block occupied by Station No. 3 is also home to the Fresno Fire Department’s Drill Tower.

Station No. 4: 3065 E. Iowa (Iowa & First) 93701

Fire Station 4
Station 4

Constructed in 1948 and located at 3065 East Iowa near First, Station No. 4 houses a single engine company. This structure once housed up to five major pieces of fire apparatus, and a compliment of 16 firefighters. Firefighters refer to this firehouse as the “Fire Factory” due to the large volume of working structure fires they respond to. Station 4 also protects the Community Regional Medical Center. An OES Hazardous Materials rig is also housed at this location.

Station No. 5: 3131 N. Fresno (Simpson & Fresno) 93726

Fire Station 5
Station 5

Constructed in 1950, “Midtown Muscle” Station 5 is located at 3131 North Fresno Street near Shields Avenue.  Station 5 houses a single engine company, and protects the Manchester Mall and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital.

Station No. 6: 4343 E. Gettysburg (Gettysburg & Rowell) 93726

Fire Station 6
Station 6

Constructed in 1967, Station 6 is located at 4343 East Gettysburg near Rowell. Station No. 6 houses a single engine company. This station protects a predominantly residential district that extends north to Shaw Avenue and the Campus of California State University Fresno.

Station No. 7: 2571 S. Cherry (Jensen & Cherry) 93706

Fire Station 7
Station 7

Constructed in 1981 and located at 2571 South Cherry near Jensen, Station No. 7 houses: a single-engine company, an ICS/FIRESCOPE type 6 patrol, and a water tender. Station 7’s district is largely industrial businesses. This includes some of the largest commercial properties in the city, such as the old FMC chemical plant and the Nissinbo Cotton plant.

Station No. 8: 1428 S. Cedar (Butler & Cedar) 93702

Fire Station 8
Station 8

Station 8 was constructed in 1959 and is located at 1428 South Cedar near Butler, across the street from the old Hanoian’s Market. Station 8 houses an engine company and is the home of the FFD Communications Team. Among many other important functions, the Communications Team helps the department identify and address routine communication and dispatch problems, maintain and execute repair procedures for radio equipment, and maintain and service all Mobile Data Terminals. Station 8’s first-in district covers The Fresno Fairgrounds and Fresno Pacific University.

Station No. 9: 2340 N. Vagedes (Clinton & Vagedes) 93705

Station 9

Constructed in 1982, Station 9 is located at 2340 North Vagedes near Clinton.  Station 9 houses an engine, a ladder truck, and a Battalion Chief.  This station protects a large area of West Central Fresno, including the Tower District, Fresno City College, a portion of the Blackstone corridor, and a segment of Highway 99.

Station No. 10: 5545 Aircorp Way (Aircorp Way & Westover) 93727

Station 10

Constructed in 1983 and located at 5545 Air Terminal near Westover, Station 10 houses a single engine company. This station sits on the northern perimeter of Fresno Yosemite Air Terminal and supports the Airport Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) station.

Station No. 11: 5544 N. Fresno (Fresno & Wrenwood) 93710

station 11
Station 11

Constructed in 1969 and located at 5544 North Fresno near Barstow, Station 11 houses an engine company, a truck company, a rescue vehicle, and a Battalion chief.  Station 11 protects the Fashion Fair Mall, a significant portion of the Blackstone corridor, a portion of Freeway 41, and numerous large apartment complexes.

Station 11 is also home for the Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR).  Members of this elite unit train constantly on the demanding skills needed to perform High Angle, Low Angle, and Confined Space Rescues. To aid them in these tasks, the apparatus at this station carry a great deal of specialized equipment not carried on standard fire department units. These include a large amount of rope rescue equipment, hydraulic and mechanical tools to aid in the removal of those trapped by structural collapse, atmospheric monitoring equipment, and several other specialized tools.  The team has been deployed several times as part of Regional Task Force 5 recently to assist with multiple large-scale incidents.

Station No. 12: 2874 W. Acacia (Acacia & Marks) 93705

Station 12
Station 12

Constructed in 1977 and located at 2874 West Acacia near Marks, Station No. 12 houses a single engine company.   Originally, it was intended to be a temporary station to provide coverage to the northwest corner of town until a suitable site for a permanent station could be procured.  This station was designed basically as a residential structure with an extra-large garage attached.  The plan is that when a permanent station is built, the structure can be refurbished and sold as a private residence.

Station No. 13: 815 E. Nees (Bond & Nees) 93720

Station 13

Station 13 houses a single engine company and one water tender.  Constructed in 1980 under the Urban Growth Management (UGM) program and located at 815 East Nees near Bond, Station 13 was funded entirely by developers’ fees from housing construction in the area. Station 13 is located near the Post Office and protects such occupancies as Saint Agnes Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Pinedale, and the River Park Shopping Center.

Station No. 14: 6239 N. Polk (Polk & Escalon) 93722

Station 14
Station 14

Built in 1992 and located at 6239 North Polk near Escalon, Station No. 14 houses a ladder truck and an ICS/FIRESCOPE type 3 brush engine rig.  This station also serves as the central location for the tracking, repair, and maintenance of the miles of fire hose used by the Fresno Fire Department.

Station No. 15: 5630 E. Park Circle (Park Circle & Clovis) 93727

Station 15
Station 15

Station 15 began serving the community on November 7th, 2005. Located at 5630 E Park Circle, the station serves the Sunnyside community by providing both fire protection to residents and hosting community meetings. The station houses an engine company, an ICS/FIRESCOPE type 3 brush engine, and an OES engine.

Station No. 16: 2510 N. Polk (Polk & Clinton) 93722

Station 16
Station 16

Station 16 is located at 2510 N Polk, near Clinton. Opened in February of 2009, the station houses a single engine company. Engine 16 protects the residents on the west side as well as housing several reserve engines.

Station No. 17: 10512 N. Maple (Maple & International) 93730

Station 17

Station 17 began serving the community on December 1, 2005. Located at 10512 N Maple, the station serves the residents of northeast Fresno. The station is equipped with a community meeting room that is utilized for a number of public events. The station has an engine company and an ICS/FIRESCOPE type 5 brush vehicle.

Station No. 18: 5938 N. La Ventana (La Ventana & Celeste) 93723

Station 18

Station 18 began serving the community on January 17, 2005. Located at 5938 N La Ventana, the station serves the residents of northwest Fresno. The station is temporary, and will eventually be relocated to Shaw and Grantland. Both the temporary location and permanent station locations have been chosen to best serve the rapid residential growth in the area.

Station No. 19: 3187 W. Belmont (Belmont & Marks) 93722


Constructed in 2009, it is located at 3187 E Belmont near Marks. Station 19 houses one Engine and one Battalion Chief.  Engine 19 protects Roeding Park and the Chaffee Zoo.

The firefighters assigned to the station also make up the Water Rescue Team.  The WRT provides swift water rescue, rescue boat operations, and rescue/recovery dive operations.  There are two specialty apparatus assigned to this station.  Dive 19 is a utility vehicle that carries various types of SCUBA equipment including surface supplied dive helmets.  Boat 19 is a rescue type utility truck towing a trailer carrying two rescue boats.

Station No. 20: 4537 N. Wishon (Wishon & Indianapolis) 93704

Station 20

The Fresno Fire Department began a partnership with Fig Garden Fire Protection District on January 1st, 2006.  Station 20 serves the residents of Fig Garden, a historic district located in the heart of our community. The District has a rich history of fire service and has been providing fire protection to local residents since 1942. The merger of services between FFD and the Fire District has improved both emergency response to the residents and is proving to be fiscally prudent. This station is home to an Engine Company and a 24-hour Arson Investigator.