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Thanks for your interest in becoming a fire prevention inspector. Several fire departments throughout the state utilize fire inspectors for a myriad of tasks including: annual fire and life safety inspections, new building construction inspections, fire related building & site plan review, etc. Pursuing this type of career is both rewarding and interesting. Depending upon a person’s level of education, experience, and other related qualifications, preparation for a career in fire prevention may include the following:

Attending a local community college and passing the following fire technology classes:

a. Fire Protection Organization.
b. Fire Prevention Technology.
c. Fire Protection Equipment and Systems.
d. Building Construction for Fire Protection.
e. Fire Behavior and Combustion.

Note: These classes must be completed from an accredited California community college to count towards California State Fire Training Certification.

Once completed, another series of classes to take include;

(1) Fire Prevention 1A: Introduction to the California Fire Code.
(2) Fire Prevention 1B: Inspection of Fire Protection Systems and Special Hazards.
(3) Fire Prevention 1C: Flammable Liquids and Gases.
(4) Fire Prevention 2A: Fire Protection Systems and Building Components.
(5) Fire Prevention 2B: Interpreting the UBC and CBC.
(6) Fire Prevention 2C: Special Hazard Occupancies.
(7) Fire Prevention 3A: Hydraulic Sprinkler Calculations.
(8) Fire Prevention 3B: Plan Checking.

These classes will give a person the foundation in fire prevention that most California agencies look for, and minimize the training costs they have to incur. Another approach may be to take these courses and volunteer for a local agency. The City of Fresno, has a volunteer Fire Corps program. Please contact our office for additional information on becoming a Fire Corps volunteer.