Community Events

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The keys to achieving both gender equity and workforce diversity are recruiting and mentoring youth from within the Central Valley.

To this end, the FFD, in partnership with the Fresno Fire Chief’s Foundation (FFCF), sponsors the Girls Empowerment Camp (GEC). The GEC bridges the gap between youth development and adult recruitment. This one-day program accommodates 80 young women ranging from 14 to 20 years of age. These participants get hands-on orientation and training with actual firefighting tools, equipment, and classroom instruction. The curriculum is designed to inspire interested young women considering a career with the fire service. From this pool of motivated young women we hope to help guide them towards future application to our agency through mentoring and other support. The GEC is staffed by FFD active duty female and male firefighters in addition to female firefighters from surrounding fire agencies, and both male and female Fresno City College Fire Academy Cadets.

**Note: This program is open to all genders on a first-come, first-served basis; however, it is geared toward exposing young women to the profession of firefighting through the lens of a female firefighting perspective.


Firefighter for a Day

Firefighter for a Day is sponsored each year by the Fresno Fire Chief’s Foundation and Fresno Fire Department. The event provides members of the community an opportunity to tour historical Fire Station 3 and participate in basic firefighting exercises, such as Basement Search and Rescue, Auto Extrication, and Drill Tower Burn. Participants operate in small spaces, maneuver through high angles, navigate in hot environments, and participate in heavy lifting situations. All conditions and/or situations are led by an instructor and/or an assistant(s) to ensure the absolute safety of all involved; all activities are performed as a team of two individuals. In addition, participants enjoy lunch and a film with the Training Staff and Crew of Station 3. Please note: this event is restricted to participants age 18 or older.

Firefighters Creating Memories

Created in 1994, by the Fresno Firefighters Local 202 Union, “Firefighters Creating Memories” fosters positive relationships and associations for special needs children within the community. Annually, when the Big Fresno Fair is in town, a family with a child who has special needs enjoys an all-expenses-paid day at the fair escorted by off-duty firefighters. The family and firefighters are given free admission, and the firefighters spend the day assisting the family in enjoying the fair to their fullest. Firefighters do such tasks as assisting the children to access rides that might otherwise have been infeasible and do everything in their power to ensure the child and the family have a safe, fun, and memorable day at the Big Fresno Fair!