City of Fresno Rising Youth Award Application

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  • Applications are due by 5 pm on Sunday, November 1, 2020
  • Individual or group applying must be 13-21-year-olds who live in the City of Fresno and have served the Fresno community
  • Recipients will be awarded at Fresno City Hall
  • Must attach photos of you doing your project


The Rising Youth Award was created by the Fresno Youth Commission to recognize youth who have excelled in the creation and implementation of their own civic project for the purpose of encouraging youth city-wide to become civically engaged in the City of Fresno.

The project must have been youth initiated and led within the 2019-2020 calendar year and must have met a need in the community that is making Fresno a better place.

The City of Fresno acknowledges the importance of youth having civic engagement experience as it allows them to become engaged in local government, empowers youth in making a difference, develops a sense of self-efficacy, and builds character, confidence, and competence.

City of Fresno Rising Youth Award Application

General Information

Project Summary

The project summary describes the overall idea of your project and how has it impacted you and the
community during the 2019-2020 year. Please write a minimum of 2 paragraphs describing your project. You also have the option to skip the essay and submit a 3-5 minute video summarizing your project.


Please provide two adult references who can speak to the work you (or your group) has

Include their names, addresses, and phone number where they can be reached.


File Upload

Maximum file size: 209.72MB