Mayor/Council Residency Act

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New Address Verification
Following Change of Residence

Council District 3 – Miguel Arias 5-1-2023 Change of Address

PLEASE NOTE:  Article VI of the City of Fresno Council and Mayor Residency Act requires incumbents file annual verifications to ensure they continue to live in the district / City they represent.  These verifications are due at the end of each year in office.  There is no annual verification due for the Councilmember serving Council District 1, Annalisa Perea, as she is newly elected and has not yet served her first year in office.  Article VI also requires that, within 60 days of a move to a new residence, incumbents verify with the City Clerk that the new address remains within the district represented.  Residency is verified for all potential City Council and Mayoral candidates before nominations papers can be filed pursuant to Article V.