School Area Team (SAT)

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The School Area Team provides pro-active code enforcement around schools.  This Division is focused on improving impoverished neighborhoods, providing pro-active code enforcement support to reduce blight, enhance safety, equip residents to become civically engaged, and connect low-income residents to housing resources to improve their quality of life.

Guide to Reporting Code Violations

The Neighborhood Revitalization Team has identified a number of common code violations that occur in our focus neighborhoods.  You can participate in the revitalization of your neighborhood by reporting these violations!  Should you suspect that a violation exists in one of the NRT’s focus neighborhoods, please report it by calling (559) 621-CITY (2489) or by using your FresGO app on your smartphone.

    Can attract illegal and mischievous activity which should be reported.
    Farm animals such as chickens, roosters, goats, sheep, cows, and horses are not permitted in residential areas.
    Cannot be parked on the street or stored on private property unless fully enclosed within a legal structure, such as a garage. Car covers are not acceptable.
    Are illegal under the zoning codes. Even though they are popular, laws governing their placement are enforced. The use of tarp and pole structures can carry fines up to $800. If you have one, please take it down.
    Are required to be maintained by the property owner. They can also attract illegal and mischievous activity, which should be reported.
    If you own a vacant lot in the city, make sure it is kept free of weeds, trash, and debris all year long.
    Vehicles parked on private residential property must be parked on driveways, in a garage, or carport. Vehicles CANNOT be parked on dirt, lawn, or landscaped areas. All vehicles must be operable.
    The accumulation of tall, dry grass on vacant lots is prohibited. Property owners are required to ensure that all weeds that constitute a fire hazard are cleared from their property or that the land is turned with a disc.