Housing Standards

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Housing Standards

Strong enforcement of Housing Standards enhances neighborhood livability, reduces crime, and increases property values

One of the City’s highest priorities is to work with residents and businesses in order to preserve and maintain the livability, values, and integrity of our neighborhoods. With this goal in mind, Community Revitalization Division personnel are joining forces with neighborhood associations, residents, and business owners to work together to eliminate situations that could lead to unsightly and decaying conditions in our neighborhoods.

Substandard buildings and structures pose significant threats to Life, Health, and Safety for occupants as well as the public. All building systems: structural, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, zoning, public nuisance, and habitability are required to meet minimum standards.

Multi-Family Residential Properties
Community Revitalization Inspectors routinely focus on seriously dilapidated structures and work with property owners to return properties to viable use. Although the high emphasis is placed on rehabilitation of structures; some are just not feasible to rehab and require demolition. Many of the more difficult structures are large and complex buildings; requiring a lengthy process to resolve.