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Capital Administration Division

The Capital Administration Division manages Budget and Financial Management, Personnel Management, Contract Compliance, Project Labor Agreement and National Targeted Hiring Monitoring and Reporting, Project Management Office (PMO), Project Reporting and Portfolio Management, GIS System Management, Public Information, and Real Estate services. By handling these key functions, the Capital Administration Division helps support the other remarkably talented divisions and ensures that projects are completed with the correct scope, on time, and on budget.

Construction Management Division

The Construction Management Division provides inspection, contract management, and surveying services for the city’s capital projects. Inspectors work closely with contractors, designers, and project managers to ensure projects meet contract guidelines, benefiting residents. The survey team determines property boundaries and lays out design work on site, ensuring accurate and efficient project execution.

Design Services Division

The Design Services Division consists of skilled employees including civil engineers, project engineers, CAD designers, and administrative staff. This team plans, designs, and manages capital improvement projects funded by local, state, and federal programs. Projects include street widening, pavement maintenance, traffic and pedestrian signals, streetlights, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, water main upgrades, and storm drainage. The division also handles FAX bus facility improvements, recreational facilities, and landscaping. They prepare construction documents and assist with grant applications and standard drawings, providing infrastructure improvements that benefit the entire community.

Real Estate Services

The Real Estate Services Section is responsible for property acquisition, residential and business relocation, property management and disposition of excess and surplus property on behalf of the City. Real Estate Services acquires property for an array of projects including, but not limited to, street widening projects, water well sites, parks projects, Fresno Area Express stops and sites for the Police and Fire Departments. Other responsibilities include real estate cost estimates for future projects, preparation and presentation of reports to the City Council. The staff works closely with the City Attorney’s Office in document preparation and eminent domain (condemnation) activities.

Should homes or businesses become severely impacted, Real Estate administers the relocation program for eligible property and business owners as well as tenants. Disposition of excess or surplus properties are conducted through open or closed bid auctions and are announced as the need arises.

Excess Lands: Upcoming Sales and Auctions
All auctions are open to the public and normally conducted either by an oral or sealed bid format or combination of both. In most cases a minimum bid amount is set before the auction. Credit terms are available under certain circumstances. By statute, all sales are subject to final approval of the Fresno City Council.

For Sale

None at this time.

Contact Real Estate Service: (559) 621-8777

Transportation Project Management Division

The Transportation Project Management Division helps city departments plan, develop, and implement transportation projects. They guide projects from design to construction, ensuring they meet scope, schedule, and budget goals. The division manages projects like street widenings, trail development, and grade separations, including notable ones like the Midtown Trail, Eaton Trail, Herndon widening, and the BNSF Blackstone Mckinley Grade Separation. By overseeing the entire project lifecycle, they contribute to the community’s economic development and municipal goals.

Utilities and On-Site Project Management Division

The Utilities and On-Site Project Management Division plans, organizes, and manages projects like underground sewer and water systems, pump stations, treatment facilities, new parks, and Fire and Police Department facilities. These projects range from small playground upgrades to major improvements such as the City’s Regional Water Reclamation Facility, new fire stations and first responder communication facilities. Using project management principles, the team ensures all projects stay on track and within budget, working closely with design consultants and client departments from start to finish.