Q is coming. Are you ready?

Posted: August 5, 2016

Have you heard? Q is coming to Fresno.

Q is Bus Rapid Transit, and it’s going to improve public transportation in our area.

Sometimes referred to as “light rail on wheels,” Q’s initial route will span 15.7 miles on Blackstone Avenue, from North Fresno Street to downtown, then out Ventura Avenue/Kings Canyon Road to Clovis Avenue.

Check out the Route [link]

Q features a total of 27 stops and will serve major shopping centers, hospitals, and other significant locations. It’s less expensive than light rail, and can adapt to emerging needs and opportunities, such as a downtown high-speed rail station. Construction is anticipated to take 15 months and will begin in June 2016 at Weldon Ave.

In short, Q is a new and improved public transit experience.

Here’s what makes Q special:

  • Faster, more convenient, and more reliable service than a traditional bus line
  • Sleek, modern vehicles with plush seating and ThermoGuard windows that block harmful light while allowing more visibility
  • Off-board fare collection, all at the same fare as a regular FAX bus
  • 10-minute frequencies at peak time, meaning a shorter wait time for you
  • Fewer stops, and reduced travel time
  • Priority at traffic signals, helping speed up the trip
  • Enhanced stations with larger platforms and canopies that make for a more pleasant wait
  • Reduced traffic congestion and improved air quality

With these faster, more frequent, and more reliable options from FAX, there’s never been a better time to ride. Service begins in late 2017.

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