Department of Public Works

Infrastructure Design and Construction

Infrastructure Design and Construction

Capital Management Division plans, designs, and constructs facilities and infrastructure to support the City’s growth and modernization according to the City’s Capital Improvement Program and General Plan. Capital Management is comprised of three sections: Construction  Management, Design Services and Project Management.

Construction Management Section

The Construction Management Section  provides construction inspection, surveying and contract administration of all projects constructed within the City’s public right-of-way or public property. The Construction Management Section is divided into Surveying Capital Inspection and Subdivision Inspection.

Construction Management

Bill Herr
Construction Manager
1721 Van Ness Avenue
Fresno, California 93721
(559) 621-5600

Design Services Section

Design ServicesThe Design Services Section provides engineering design, prepares plans & specifications for City capital improvement projects which include: streets, traffic signals, trails, street lights, sewer & water, and parks projects for Public Works; as well as various City Departments.

Lalkumar Goonawardena
PE; Design Services Manager
2600 Fresno Street, 4th Floor
Fresno, California 93721
(559) 621-8650

Project Management Section

Project ManagementThe Project Management Section manages capital improvements projects funded through local, state or federal public financing programs. These infrastructure projects are often designed by private consultants and are generally constructed by private contractors. The Project Management Section oversees complex projects from preliminary design to final plan approval and to the completion of construction. In addition to handling Public Works projects, our clients include the Fire Department, Police Department, Department of Public Utilities, and Parks, After School & Community Services (PARCS). The project manager’s mission is to deliver these critical infrastructure projects on time and within budget.

Randy Bell
PE; Capital Project Manager
2600 Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93721
(559) 621-8679

Featured Project

Fulton District Logo

Like many pedestrian Malls around the country, the Fulton Mall has long since been plagued with low rents, high vacancy rates, little to no activity after 5 p.m., poor visibility of the Mall from other streets and declining foot traffic.

The City of Fresno and the Downtown Fresno Partnership advocate for a return of traffic to this traditional, “complete” main street to improve connections, accessibility, community, sense of place and economic vitality. This decision wasn’t arrived at hastily or without a great deal of research and public input. There has been much debate over the future of the Fulton Corridor and many community sessions have been held to allow for feedback.

To learn more, visit Fulton Street Reconstruction Project.