Engineering serves the community directly and indirectly: Indirectly through the formation, implementation and management of the City’s Community Facilities Maintenance Districts and directly through plan review, issuing encroachment and monitoring well permits, property line location assistance, and providing sewer and water main line information. Engineering Services is also responsible for deeds, right-of-ways, property acquisition and disposition of surplus properties, and managing and tracking the 100+ Urban Growth Management funds.

Design Services Section

Design ServicesThe Design Services Section provides engineering design, prepares plans & specifications for City capital improvement projects which include: streets, traffic signals, trails, street lights, sewer & water, and parks projects for Public Works; as well as various City Departments.

GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping ImageThe GIS Mapping Section provides the parcels and street centerlines that serve as a foundation for mapping for all other departments within the City. GIS Mapping section coordinates with all city departments along with other agencies such as Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District, Fresno Irrigation District, City of Clovis, Fresno Council of Governments, Fresno County Local Agency Formation Commission and CalTrans. The GIS Division parcels differ from the Assessor Record Maps maintained by the Fresno County Assessor’s Office in the following ways:

  •  GIS Division parcels seek to describe physical reality and proposals. For instance, the maps may show each lot in a mobile home park, in which the entire park is one legal parcel. In cases like this, each lot has the entire park’s tax code.
  • GIS Division parcels show “seamless” parcels. That is, they have been stretched or “rubber sheeted” where necessary to ensure there are no gaps or slivers between subdivisions and sections. These anomalies occur when joining coordinate geometry (COGO) drawings used in parcel and subdivision legal descriptions. The intent is to accurately display parcel and street relationships with minimal sacrifice of dimensional accuracy. The resulting maps are good for planning, overlaying facilities (sewer, gas, water, etc), and seeing the relationships between parcels.

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Project Management Section

Project ManagementThe Project Management Section manages capital improvements projects funded through local, state or federal public financing programs. These infrastructure projects are often designed by private consultants and are generally constructed by private contractors. The Project Management Section oversees complex projects from preliminary design to final plan approval and to the completion of construction. In addition to handling Public Works projects, our clients include the Fire Department, Police Department, Department of Public Utilities, and Parks, After School & Community Services (PARCS). The project manager’s mission is to deliver these critical infrastructure projects on time and within budget. Project Management is also charged with the management of the CPUC Rule 20A underground program.

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Real Estate Services

Real Estate AgentThe Real Estate Division deals with property acquisition and disposition of surplus properties on behalf of the City. Examples of property acquisition include, but are not limited to, street widening projects, water well sites, parks, and fire station sites. This includes real estate cost estimates for future projects, and the preparation and presentation of reports to the City Council. The staff works closely with the City Attorney’s Office in document preparation and eminent domain (condemnation) activities.

Excess Lands: Upcoming Sales and Auctions
All auctions are open to the public and normally conducted either by an oral or sealed bid format or combination of both. In most cases a minimum bid amount is set before the auction. Credit terms are available under certain circumstances. By statute, all sales are subject to final approval of the Fresno City Council.

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Right of Way Section

Right of Way ImageThe Right of Way Section manages various aspects related to the public right of way, as well as the formation of underground utility districts. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of right-of-way deed documents
  • Review of right-of-way documents prepared by others for technical correctness
  • Recordation of deed documents
  • Vacation of public services easement and public street right-of-ways
  • Processing Encroachment Permits and Covenants (Please note for a Street Work Permit click here)
  • Right of way and property determination for Capital Improvement projects
  • Answering Inquiries regarding existing right-of-ways

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UGM and Impact Fees

UMG imageThe UGM and Impact Fees Section is charged with the task of managing and tracking the 100+ Urban Growth Management funds for all transactions and providing reimbursements to eligible developers.  Upon the completion of a project, a developer receives a notice of completion from the Construction Management Division that lists the criteria for filing for potential eligible reimbursement.

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Regional and New Growth Street Fee Implementation Policies 
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For any questions regarding available money within a specific fund or priority standing on a given reimbursement listing, please call (559) 621-8800