Department of Public Utilities

Water Conservation & Landscaping

Report Leak/Water Waste

Water pipe leaks, water quality, water pressure, or to have your service temporarily shut off for a repair:
(559) 621-5300 OR submit a non-emergency online through FresGo.

Water leaks in the street or other public right-of-way:
Business Hours:
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
(559) 621-5300

After hour emergencies:
(559) 621-1100

Violation of City of Fresno watering rules or over-watering:
Conservation Hotline: (559) 621-5480 or online through FresGo.

Backflow Testing Results
Backflow Testing Form

Information to include when reporting

  • Address of water waste, along with major cross streets. If you do not have an exact address, provide as much location information as possible.
  • Date and time that you observed the over-watering.
  • What you actually observed. For example:
    • Was the water running into the gutter?
    • Approximately how long had it been running?
    • Was the over-watering from irrigation, an open hose, a broken sprinkler?
  • If you have observed over-watering at this location in the past, please provide that information also.

Enforcement of Fresno City Water Regulations

The Water Conservation staff enforces Fresno Municipal Code Chapter 6, Section 520: Wastage of Water through action and education, which includes an outdoor day and time water schedule, which Water Division has enforced since 1991.

Our staff responds in some way to each of the reports received related to customers not following watering regulations. Methods of customer notification range from letters to field visits. The field visit could result in a simple customer check and advise notification, fees being issued or water being shut off. Shut off is a rare occurrence. Fees are issued according to the City of Fresno Master Fee Schedule.  The first notification often results in compliance, but more steps and contacts are necessary if customers refuse to comply.

No Fee Leak & Irrigation Efficiency Survey

The City of Fresno is your conservation partner. Do you want to find out if there are leaks in your home? What about your landscape irrigation system, is that as efficient as it can be? We’re here to help.