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Leak & Irrigation Efficiency Survey

Looking for ways to save money by reducing your water use?

The City of Fresno offers free water leak surveys and landscape consultations for all of our residential and industrial/commercial customers. Water Conservation representatives will check for water leaks and other water inefficiencies both inside and outside of your location.

We include a free landscape irrigation consultation and will provide irrigation and plant material tips. Our representative will also show you how to set your landscape controller and will provide a report of possible water saving measures you can take to save water.

In addition to helping residential customers conserve water, the City of Fresno’s Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Water Conservation Program provides local businesses with information on improved water use efficiency technologies to develop and implement water use efficiency.

Commercial: Water users that provide or distribute a product or a service, such as hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

Industrial: Any water users that are primarily manufacturers or processors of materials.

Institutional: Any water-using establishments dedicated to public service. This includes schools, courts, churches, hospitals and government facilities.

Water-wise landscape consultation
Landscape specialists provide a free water-wise landscape consultation and design service at customer sites. The service includes recommendations for water-wise plants suitable for the Fresno area, irrigation installation, and turf removal. A simple design may be drawn onsite to give the customer ideas of water-wise landscape possibilities. The value of conversion by stages is explained if the customer is intimidated or has limited means. Customers are encouraged to call at a later time with questions. Customers also are provided landscape and irrigation literature as well as a hose nozzle.

Irrigation efficiency audit
With this free service, a landscape specialist will check the water meter, inspect irrigation systems, and suggest maintenance, improvements and adjustments. Irrigation products and installation are discussed. Drip irrigation information is available and an irrigation demonstration site available for the individual customer or to use during a workshop. The City of Fresno water schedule is reviewed and adjustments made to timer if needed. Customers also are provided landscape and irrigation literature as well as a hose nozzle.

Help setting irrigation controllers
Customers often request this free service so that they can more easily follow the City water schedule. Existing timer is discussed as well as maintenance and future replacement. Customers are shown how to set controllers so that they can make proper future adjustments. A few customers are unable to grasp the information so staff may return to help if requested. A report may be left with the customer as well as landscape and irrigation literature and a hose nozzle.

Interior/exterior water leak surveys
If you suspect a leak, receive a high water bill, or have been notified by staff via a door hanger, consider working with the survey to complete a water leak survey. Your property could have a leak based on your address listed in a weekly high leak report. Prior to the appointment, staff prepares a report of the customer’s water usage, which is discussed with the customer during the survey. At the site, the water meter is checked. All water connections and items connected to water are checked inside and outside the property. The representative discusses the findings and recommendations to the customer. A report is left with the customer. Customers also receive Water Sense showerheads, kitchen and bath aerators, hose nozzle and conservation literature.

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