Department of Public Utilities

Facilities & Infrastructure

Capital Projects

Some of the largest recent past, present, and near future Wastewater
Management Division projects include:


  • North Avenue Sewer Realignment – Replaced and realigned more than 3,000 feet of 72” diameter pipe. $2,725,396 (completed)
  • Chestnut McKinley Rehabilitation – Rehabilitated 9,354 feet of 30-42” diameter pipe using no dig methods. $2,635,331 (completed)
  • Wishon, Marks, and Gettysburg Rehabilitation – Rehabilitated 11,979 feet of 18-21” diameter pipe using “no dig” methods. $1,556,490 (completed)
  • McKinley (Clovis-Winery) Rehabilitation – Rehabilitation to address corrosion issues to 4,980 feet of 27” sewer pipe using “no dig” methods. $882,490 (early Summer 2013)
  • Ashlan (Del Mar to Palm) – Rehabilitation and relief of 6,633 feet of 33” sewer pipe to address capacity and corrosion issues. $5,000,000 (late Summer 2013)


  • Organic Upgrade Project – Upgraded the existing facility to provide treatment of increasing organic loadings. $105,284,071 (completed)
  • Digester Gas Conditioning – New facilities to treat digester gases as required by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. $9,412,613 (completed)
  • Enhanced Dewatering – Expanded facilities to increase the efficiency and provide redundancy for the dewatering of 110,000 tons of biosolids per year. $14,531,279 (ongoing)
  • Centralized Odor Control – Odor control for the headworks building to replace fully-deteriorated, existing 90,000 cubic feet-per-minute system and 2 MW Solar Facility. $7,500,000 (Summer 2014)
  • Tertiary Treatment Facility – Enhanced treatment for 5,000,000 gallons per day to enable unrestricted reuse. $49,000,000 (construction Summer-Fall 2013)