About DPU

Every time you turn on the water, flush the toilet, dispose of garbage, recycle a soda can, or do any number of other seemingly ordinary things around your house and yard, you are using the services provided by the City of Fresno Department of Public Utilities.

The Department of Public Utilities is organized into four divisions:

Water Division

The Water Division manages and operates the City of Fresno’s water system, delivering drinking water to about 500,000 urban residential, commercial, and industrial customers in over 114 square miles of the city and many county islands within the City’s Sphere of Influence.

Wastewater Management

As a nationally recognized industry leader, the City of Fresno’s Wastewater Management Division provides high-quality wastewater collection, treatment, and reclamation services in a professional and competitive manner in order to preserve the environment and ensure the health, safety, and economic vitality of the community.

Utilities Billing & Collection

Utilities Billing and Collection (UB&C) is a Division of the Department of Public Utilities and is directly responsible for the billing and collection of the City of Fresno’s utilities fees and charges.

Solid Waste

Solid Waste Management Division ensures the preservation of our community’s environment, collects and manages green waste, refuse, and recyclables in a professional, safe and efficient manner through teamwork, education, and high quality service.

Compliance to Best Management Practices

Renewal of Water Contract with U. S. Government requires Best Management Practices.

On March 1, 2005, the City of Fresno completed renewal of its contract with the United States Government Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) to ensure a safe, clean, and plentiful water supply for generations to come. The renewal of the contract will help in the effort to meet today’s needs and to provide for economic development and much-needed jobs. The contract provides up to 60,000 acre-feet of surface water annually to the City, or 40% of the community’s current water demands over a 40-year period. This Class 1 water entitlement is delivered through the San Joaquin River from behind Friant Dam to ponding basins throughout the community to recharge and maintain the underground water supply. It is also the water supply for Fresno’s Surface Water Treatment Facility, which relieves the City from relying solely on its groundwater supply. The contract between the City of Fresno and the USBR for this water supply expires February 28, 2045.

A condition of contract renewal requires that the City of Fresno comply with water conservation Best Management Practices (BMP’s). The Water Division coordinates most of the BMP projects through its Water Conservation Program. In 1991, the City of Fresno was one of the original agencies to sign the California Urban Water Conservation Council Memorandum of Understanding that require water suppliers to implement in their water conservation programs the Best Managment Practices and report BMP activities.


As a nationally recognized leader in Wastewater Management, work at the Wastewater Management Division is performed by highly qualified professionals that have diverse skill sets and responsibilities. Our work is performed in a cost-effective and innovative manner, providing the best value to internal and external customers. We are dedicated to a healthy and injury-free work environment while protecting and using our land, air and water resources in a sustainable way.