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Street Violence Unit

Street Violence Unit

The Street Violence Section is comprised of the Homicide Unit, Robbery/Felony Assault Unit, the plain clothes Tactical Team, and the Night Detective Unit. Investigators in these units work around the clock to provide an immediate and focused response to violent crimes committed in our City.

When a Violent Crime Occurs, the Night Detective Unit or Felony Assault Unit is usually the first investigative unit to respond. They begin by accelerating the tempo of the investigation. They coordinate the response of other units (Homicide, Tactical team, etc). The result is a coordinated investigative response where the case will get solved or investigative tactics are developed to diffuse the situation. When a suspect is identified, the Tactical team, who specialize in surveillance techniques and tactics, are called in to quickly apprehend the suspect(s).

One of the strengths has been the gang expertise in each SVS unit and how this expertise was used to solve high profile cases, conduct search warrant operations and recover firearms. This we believe played a role in our crime reduction efforts.

The key in solving these high profile cases has been the focus of the detectives and the speed in solving violent crimes. This approach has led a record setting Homicide clearance rate of 90% in 2013.