Police Department

Records & Reports

Records & Reports

The Records and Information Service Bureau maintains reports and records for the Fresno Police Department— storing information electronically for more efficient search and retrieval, redistributing the information to enable over-the-counter services to citizens, statewide teletype service to support the Department, and providing law enforcement officers with immediate access to this information.

For generalized functions, this involves the receiving of information, categorizing information for storage:

  1. Records Management
  2. Uniform Crime Report Statistical Processing
  3. Prosecution Liaison Services
  4. Information Systems Application and Database Systems Management

Police Records and Information Service Bureau
2323 Mariposa Street, Lobby
Fresno, CA 93721

Monday-Friday, excluding holidays
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Please call  (559) 621-7000 if you have a critical need for our Records Bureau that cannot wait outside of business hours. Please dial 9-1-1 if you have an emergency.

Public Records Request Portal

Community Members can also request their reports online through the new request portal.  The online requestportal is a user-friendly option that allows anyone to request essential records while eliminating the need to commute downtown.  Once records are approved for release, they are produced to the requestor through the portal in a digital format.

The function of the Records and Information Services Bureau

(I) Basic Records Processing Functions:

Case Document Scanning/Archiving; Case Management; Copy/Distribution Desk; Law Enforcement Agency Assistance; Public Records Assistance; Teletype Processing; Daily Crime Bulletin Preparation; Transcription Service Coordination; Uniform Crime Statistical Processing; Report Validation Services; Assembly of Prosecution Packages for DA Review and Court processing; Assess Business Workflow Needs and Architecting New Solutions; Assessing Ways To Leverage Technology to Improve Access Efficiencies; and enhancing the availability of Intelligence Led Policing Data Systems.
(II) The Type Of Tasks Performed Are:

Report releases; Background checks for authorized Law Enforcement; Transcription of dictated police reports; Digital conversion of police documents; Case Management of police reports; National and Statewide teletype services; and Process requests for police reports, subpoenas and records checks for Public agencies and authorized private agencies.
(III) The Positions Within The Records And Information Services Bureau Are:

Bureau Manager; Database Administrator; Supervisors; Programmers, Network Specialist; Senior Administrative Clerks; Administrative Clerks; Transcriptionists; and, Volunteers.
(IV) The Public Services Include:

  • Providing information and copies of reports to victims or representatives and insurance companies
  • Providing vehicle information and release information for impounded vehicles – note:
    • Releases are handled at the contracted Tow yards.
    • Fees are collected at the Tow yards
    • You can locate your towed vehicle
    • Providing Local Criminal History to Authorized Persons or Agencies
Order Collision Report

Fresno Police Department Collision Reports are available online for a $12.00 convenience fee.

Collision reports can obtained for no charge at the Fresno Police Department Records Lobby. When appearing in person at the Records Lobby, please be prepared for long wait times.

Per California Vehicle Code Section 20012, collision reports may only be released to the following parties:

  • A party involved in the incident (driver, passenger, non-motorist, witness or owner of damaged property including a damaged vehicle)
  • The legal guardian or conservator of a party involved in the incident, or a parent if the party is a minor
  • Legal representation for a party involved in the incident
  • The insurance provider for a party involved in the incident
  • The police department that investigated this incident or their technical staff

You will need the Date of your collision and any two (2) of the following fields:

  • Street name
  • Case Number
  • Involved Party Last Name
  • Registered Owner Last Name

If you are one of the parties listed above and allowed by law to obtain a copy of the collision report please click on the button below to proceed.

Order Collision Report
Annual Reports

The Fresno Police Department continues to make significant strides towards crime control, traffic safety, reducing emergency response times, and enhancing the profession of law enforcement.

To aid in this effort, the Fresno Police Department annually produces a report documenting the previous year’s information regarding crime reduction, traffic control, and community outreach efforts. Click on the links below to view the most recent annual reports.

Officer Involved Shootings

Police Chief’s Message
The men and women of the Fresno Police Department are committed to serving our community with honesty, compassion and respect. It is the highest priority of the Fresno Police Department that we keep our community safe by preventing citizens from becoming victims of crime. The members of this agency have taken an oath to protect the sanctity of life, promote human dignity and uphold people’s liberty. Under these guiding principles, deadly force is used only in the most extreme circumstances in order to protect human life.

When Deadly Force is Used
The Fresno Police Department maintains the highest possible regard for human life as we enforce the laws of the State of California and City of Fresno. Although the vast majority of persons contacted by law enforcement officers are law abiding and/or compliant, increasingly, officers are called to intervene in potentially violent confrontations with individuals involved in criminal behavior. These encounters present serious threats to the safety of the community, law enforcement personnel and even to the subject themselves. Without the intervention of law enforcement personnel in these instances, serious consequences such as injury or death can occur as a result.

The principal philosophy of this Department mandates, without exception, that members exercise due caution in the application of force and respond in an objectively reasonable manner consistent with the authorities and restrictions that govern the use of force by law enforcement officers.

When deadly force is used, the shooting officer is placed on administrative leave while the circumstances of the shooting and the officers’ actions undergo a thorough and unbiased review. All officer involved shootings are also forwarded to the District Attorney to be reviewed.

The Fresno Police Department has policies and procedures in place that guide officers’ actions during events where a use of force is necessary and which ensure that critical, recurring training mandates are met which promote the safest possible outcome for the public and the officer. This agency is equally committed to a complete and fair review of every use of force that Fresno Police Department members are involved in as well as thorough investigations of all officer involved shootings. Policies, training, and investigative procedures used by the Fresno Police Department in these reviews and investigations reflect law enforcement best practices as well as national accreditation standards for law enforcement agencies.

Why We Post Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) Information
Providing a clear understanding of the role of law enforcement in society is a critical component to maintaining and establishing a trust relationship with the community. The 2015 Presidential Commission on Policing in the 21st Century focused much of its attention on improving transparency of police actions as a means of fostering understanding and trust between the law enforcement agency and the community they protect.

We believe that your trust and confidence in the Fresno Police Department will increase as you understand what our officers’ are confronted with, how we train and prepare our officers for these critical encounters, and how we hold our officers accountable for their actions. We are continuously reviewing and improving our policies, procedures, training, equipment and our de-escalation techniques so that deadly force encounters will only be utilized when necessary to protect life.

Policies & Procedures
Fresno Police Department Policies and Procedures guide officer decisions and actions. Although the agency has published many of these policies for the public to view, not all information has been made available to the public. Some policies have been determined to be sensitive which, if released, has the potential to make citizens, crime victims and members of the Fresno Police Department less safe.

Policy and Other Manuals

The Department provides primary law enforcement services to the City of Fresno.

The Chief of Police and management staff shall develop and establish guiding principles
for the Department. These principles shall take the form of mission statements, value
statements and other written directives which determine the operational philosophies of the
Department. These guiding principles shall be reviewed annually to ensure they accurately
reflect the needs of the community.

Fresno Police Policy Manual
CLO Ops Manual
ComCen Ops Manual
Critical Incident Response Plan Ops Manual
CSIB Ops Manual
Downtown Policing Unit Ops Manual
Duty Office Ops Manual
Emergency Operations Manual
FTO Manual
Grants Management Unit Policies
IA Ops Manual
Line of Duty Death Ops Manual
PECS and ESU Ops Manual
PIO Ops Manual
Policy & Procedures Unit Ops Manual
Prosecutor Liaison Office Ops Manual
Records Bureau Ops Manual
RTC Ops Manual
SIB Ops Manual
SWAT_CNT Ops Manual
Uniform Specification List

These documents can be made available in alternate formats for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. To request alternate formats contact the Police Department Policy & Procedure Unit (559) 621-2344

Monthly Crime Statistics

The monthly crime reports reflect the data of our official monthly crime reporting. For yearly totals refer to the reports for December of each year which includes this data.

These documents can be made available in alternate formats for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. To request alternate formats contact Police Support Services Tech at the Police Department (559) 621-2021

2021 Monthly Crime Statistics are currently unavailable due to the implementation of NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System) as of January 2021. Our agency recognizes the importance of this information and is working diligently to resolve the issue. This site will be updated upon the report’s availability.








Traffic Stops Demographic Data

The Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015 (AB 953), enacted Government Code section 12525.5, which requires state and local law enforcement agencies, as specified, to collect data regarding stops of individuals, including perceived demographic information on the person stopped, and to report this data to the California Attorney General’s Office. AB 953 requires the Attorney General to issue regulations for the collection and reporting of this stop data.

As a result of AB 953, the Stop Data previously reported on this site is now being sent to the State and available at https://openjustice.doj.ca.gov.  Summary statistics will also be available in the annual report which will be posted to the OAG site early next year at  https://oag.ca.gov/ab953