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Police Chaplaincy

Police Chaplaincy

Chaplains can be called upon by any officer of Fresno Police employee at any time they believe a Chaplain would be helpful or appropriate. All services provided by Chaplains are confidential unless an officer signs a written release requesting that information be shared with others. Chaplains are part of the Community/Employee Services Bureau—Professional Standard Division of the Fresno Police Department.

Chaplains can provide support to both Department and community members in the following ways:

Department Support

  • Act as a buffer between citizens and officers
  • Free officers for new calls
  • Ride-along with officers
  • Sit with dispatchers
  • Lead prayers at briefings when requested
  • Offer confidential counseling (i.e., marital, premarital)
  • Officiate at weddings, funerals, invocations
  • Provide Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Attend neighborhood events
  • Offer grief counseling
  • Provide a Neighborhood Support Team vehicle to offer
    refreshments and shelter during extended calls for service,
    traffic accidents, SWAT calls, and homicide investigations

Citizen Support

  • Assist officers in death notifications
  • Offer post-suicide or post-homicide care
  • Offer domestic violence assistance
  • Assist community members with issues involving the
  • Invocations at civic events

Become a Fresno Police Chaplain.

All Chaplains are required to go through a background check, polygraph, and screening process before they are invited to work with the Fresno Police Department.