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Questions from Residents about Registered Sex Offenders

Questions from Residents about Registered Sex Offenders

The Fresno Police Department is providing answers to frequently asked questions posed by residents.

Where can I view registered sex offenders?

The state Megan’s Law website  lists those individuals who are registered offenders.  Included on some of the posts are photographs and addresses (either full or partial).  The conviction and court proceedings determine what information is to be disclosed for public information.  Generally, the most serious sex offenders will have their full addresses listed.

Refer to the state website for legalities behind disclosure information.

What does it mean to be a sex offender registrant?

A sexual registrant is an individual who was convicted of committing a specific sexual assault or another crime determined by a court as falling within this statute. That conviction and subsequent court proceeding requires the offender to register with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the offender’s residence.

When is a sex offender required to register?

Generally, offenders are required to register with their local law enforcement agency annually on his or her birthday (or within 5 business days).  Offenders are also mandated to update registration within 5 business days of:

  • Being released from Jail / Prison (certain restrictions if returning to the same residence)
  • Living at multiple addresses
  • Whenever changing address / residence
  • Following a name change
  • Whenever leaving the city of Fresno to reside in another jurisdiction
  • Homeless offenders must re-register every 30 days

* Other possible requirements may apply *

What are the restrictions, if any, sexual registrant are required to follow?

Unless a registrant is currently on supervised release (e.g. parole or probation), they are only required by law to prove current registration. Absent supervised release programs, a sexual registrant is able to reside wherever they chose. Although Jessica’s Law (Penal Code Section 3003.5(b)) was enacted in 2006, no punishment exists in the statute. This law is still being challenged on the grounds of constitutionality.

Are sexual registrants allowed to live near a school / daycare facility?

Yes. If you suspect an offender is not at a school for some lawful purpose and is engaged in some type of suspicious activity, please contact the police department immediately.

Are sexual registrants permitted to be on school grounds?

Yes. However, they need to be engaged in some type of lawful business and with the permission of school officials. Registrants are prohibited from volunteering or working with children.

Are sexual registrants prohibited from working in certain professions?

Yes.  Several professions expressly prohibit a license or certification from being issued or maintained by any individual who is subject to registration requirements as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code § 290.  These professions include:

  • Ambulance Attendant (13 CCR §1103(b)(1))
  • Bus Driver for school children, youth, or developmentally disabled (Health & Safety Code, § 13370(a))
  • Clinical Social Worker (Bus. & Prof. Code § 4996.2(d); 16 CCR §1881)
  • Educational Psychologist (Bus. & Prof. Code § 4989.24)
  • Marriage, Family, and/or Child Counselor (Bus. & Prof. Code § 4980.40(h))
  • Paramedic (22 CCR §100173(a)(1))
  • Psychologist (Bus. & Prof. Code § 2964.3.)
  • Respiratory Therapist (Bus. & Prof. Code § 3752.7)
  • Teacher (Ed. Code § 44346(b)(2))

Under limited circumstances, exceptions may be made.  The restriction on employment profession is determined by the court following a conviction.  Moreover, some licensing boards will permit reinstatement for the offender to return to his or her profession.

Other employment restrictions may apply.  Refer to the Megan’s Law website for additional information.

If you suspect a registered offender is working and/or volunteering at a restriction profession, please contact the Fresno Police Department

Are all individuals convicted of sex offenses required to register as a sex offender?

No. Not all convictions and subsequent sentences mandate registration. Also, not all convicted sex offenders are subject to public disclosure (e.g. listed on the Megan’s Law website). The sentencing court determines what regulations are to be followed by the offender. Sex offenders may be granted exclusion from the Internet website by the California Department of Justice; however, they are still mandated to register with law enforcement.

Do sex offenders have to register if they are attending a state or community college?

Yes. Pursuant Penal Code § 290.01, offenders shall register with the campus police department or if no campus police department exists, offenders shall register with the local law enforcement department having jurisdiction. This legal requirement includes all colleges or universities, including institutions of higher learning.

Where can I get more specific information?

For more specific information, please contact a member of the department’s PC 290 Unit at (559) 600-8068 or email PC290Unit@fresno.gov.