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Chief’s Message

Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall
Chief of Police

A Message from the Chief

The Fresno Police Department is committed to building relationships with community members while providing the highest level of service to keep our citizens safe. As the Chief of Police, I will continue to provide and share our on-going efforts with the community in order to maintain and build public trust.

Community policing is at the heart of our organization and is emphasized at every level. Our community partnerships are established through the daily efforts of our officers and support staff to maintain the confidence of those we serve. Top priorities for members of the Fresno Police Department are to foster relationships through dignity and respect, mentor young people and to solve neighborhood problems.

Policing in the 21st century has dramatically changed and the movement towards technology and better police practices has increased throughout the country. The Fresno Police Department is dedicated to reaching the highest standards of professionalism through policies, procedures, training and technology. The department’s latest technological advancements have helped to support police operations and allowed for greater efficiency. Our policing efforts through the use of the Real Time Crime Center, Shot Spotter, Video Policing, Body Worn Cameras and Predictive Policing software have provided our officers with the tools necessary to do their job more safely and effectively.

As we continue to restore the ranks of the Fresno Police Department, I am dedicated to seeking out the very best our profession has to offer. The citizens of Fresno deserve the finest officer we can deploy through recruitment, testing, and training. I am very proud of our hiring efforts and I am committed to replenishing our sworn and non-sworn ranks to keep our community safe.

With the passage of various laws, our efforts to hold criminals accountable have been crippled. After years of reductions, we now face rising violent crime rates throughout our City and State. We will persevere through these challenging times and adapt to the ever changing criminal justice system. An example of this is seen in our efforts to reduce auto thefts. For four consecutive years we have seen a decline in auto theft with 2015 seeing the lowest number of vehicles stolen in Fresno since 1987. Additionally, burglaries have also fallen for the past three years due to the department’s focus on removing prolific thieves from our community and as a result of crime prevention efforts to make citizens more aware of the need to keep their homes and businesses secure.

Lastly, I am excited about the future of the Fresno Police Department and dedicated to our unwavering promise to keep our community safe while maintaining the trust of our citizens.

Improving Safety


Reduction in traffic collision injuries between 2002–2013


Decrease in traffic collision fatalities between 2002–2013