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The City of Fresno, Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services Department (PARCS) has a great concern for the health and well-being of the residents of our great city. In the difficult economic times in which we live, national and local governments are looking for innovative ways to continue to grow and increase the quality of life for their citizens.

To help with this growth, PARCS established Fresno United Neighborhoods (FUN) in June of 2005. FUN is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, public benefit corporation whose mission is to improve the quality of life in Fresno through innovative and collaborative outreach initiatives in recreation, health, and learning for residents of all ages.

Each year FUN continues to advance its mission of supporting PARCS programs, services, and capital projects. FUN is working side by side with the Department’s leadership team to help make Fresno a destination, rather than a gateway, and to increase the livability of the region.

FUN helps to build capacity for PARCS by:

  • Expanding the Department’s Grant Opportunities.
  • Empowering neighborhood and community groups without a non-profit status, so that they can fund-raise through FUN.
  • Giving private residents and the community a tax-write off for the donation of land, equipment and in-kind services.
  • Providing new funding sources for the construction and/or improvement of parks.
  • Expanding partnership opportunities.
  • Collaborating with area corporations to build pocket parks and other amenities.

FUN has sponsored or co-sponsored events such as the “Catch the FUN” Charity Golf Tournament, a Jazz Concert at Woodward Park, the Fresno Christmas Parade, Woodward Park Shakespeare Festival, FUN Night with the Grizzlies, and more. In the first three years of operation, FUN has successfully raised more than $750,000 to help support FUN Youth Summer Camps, renovations at Camp Fresno, Movies in the Park, Senior Garden at Ted C. Wills Community Center, Healthy Fresno, a Stewardship Program at Woodward Park, Teen Fresno and many other worthwhile causes.

The FUN Board of Directors is comprised of eight dedicated individuals who share their time, talents, and resources for the betterment of the Fresno community. Each Board Member is a volunteer and serves without financial remuneration.

This Community Services Division of the PARCS Department provides Administrative staff, a Grant Writer and Outreach Coordinator and others to support FUN projects and programs and work closely with the FUN Board of Directors.

The partnership of FUN and PARCS helps increase the FUN in Fresno by promoting a fun, healthy, family-oriented environment for families within our community.

For more information or to get involved call (559) 621-4FUN (4386)

FUN Mailing Address:
Fresno United Neighborhoods (FUN)
Dickey Youth Development Center
1515 E. Divisadero
Fresno, California 93721