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Fresno General Plan Implementation & Infill Development Task Force

Fresno General Plan Implementation & Infill Development Task Force

Mayor Swearengin has convened the Fresno General Plan Implementation & Infill Development Task Force, in partnership with the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, and with technical assistance support from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the White House Strong Cities, Strong Communities (SC2) initiative. The Task Force includes over 30 distinguished experts from Fresno and throughout California who have volunteered their time and knowledge in service to this important topic. Members’ expertise includes complex, infill-oriented real estate development, public-private partnerships, real estate finance, public finance, public infrastructure, housing, banking, and other related areas. Several members of state and federal agencies, as well as City of Fresno staff, are also participating in the meetings.

The Task Force will meet three times in person in Fresno from July through October, 2013, and will be charged with recommending creative, innovative implementation and funding strategies for the infrastructure and services that are needed to support increased infill development in Fresno. The Task Force’s recommendations will be synthesized into two reports: The first report will provide options for implementation strategies for the Fresno General Plan Update Implementation Element. The second will be a nationally-disseminated report that uses Fresno as a case study to illustrate infill development implementation options for economically-distressed cities throughout California and the US, including policy recommendations at the local, state and federal levels.

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