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Gigabit Fresno

Gigabit Fresno

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About Fresno
The City of Fresno, California (City) issues this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to convey its interest in identifying one or more motivated, high-caliber partners (Respondent) to make affordable, ubiquitous Gigabit-class broadband services and capabilities available throughout the City. The City welcomes responses from any legally qualified entity, including for-profit and non-profit entities that envision a long-term relationship with the City, its businesses, and its users.

The City of Fresno is centrally located in the center of the San Joaquin Valley and serves as a hub to three national parks, the Central California Coast, and California’s largest cities (Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles). As the fifth largest city in California and California’s largest inland city, Fresno is a center for innovation and growth in the region. Since 2011, the City has experienced a significant increase in technology jobs making Fresno one of the leading technology regions in California. In addition to its growing technology industries, the Fresno economy has a major export industry presence, an expansive medical and health services industry, and numerous higher educational institutions.

As the City’s economy continues to expand and evolve, City leadership is committed to ensuring that Fresno is well situated to meet the Internet infrastructure needs of future-facing companies and industries, which are increasingly requiring ultra-high speed, high-bandwidth connections.

Our Vision
Across the country, fiber broadband networks and, increasingly, high-capacity wireless networks, are becoming drivers and enablers of robust economic development and global competitiveness, fostering educational opportunities, creating access to more affordable modern healthcare, and addressing the digital divide. These networks simultaneously support sophisticated new manufacturing technologies, data-driven companies, intelligent transportation systems, smart electric grids, and many more high-bandwidth applications. The City of Fresno believes that acquiring such a network is critical to its continued growth and prosperity as a manufacturing, research, and technology hub in California.

The City views broadband as an important factor in lowering business costs, attracting and retaining highly skilled residents, and creating sustainable new jobs in an entrepreneurial economy based on innovation and creativity. A high-capacity broadband network can empower and enable Fresno’s citizens and local businesses to be network economy producers—not just consumers of network information and data services—ultimately advancing the City’s standing in the regional and global economy. Robust residential and institutional connectivity will also expand opportunities for local students in K–12 and beyond, and enable more open government and civic engagement.

One of the City’s important goals is to ensure that low-income families and individuals will benefit from high-capacity broadband services and capabilities. This may require free or discounted services, support for neighborhoods participating in City revitalization programs, and other targeted programs. The City also seeks free services for the City’s governmental purposes in exchange for use of the City’s assets. The City expects respondents to this RFQ to be sensitive to these goals. This initiative may also entail the City’s Partner sharing some of the costs and risks associated with providing low-cost or no-charge services.

Who You Are
The City welcomes the responses of all legally-qualified respondents, including incumbent service providers, as well as competitive providers, nonprofit organizations, public cooperatives, and entities that are not traditional Internet service providers (ISPs) but are interested in offering service under innovative business models. Non-traditional providers may respond as part of a partnership with an ISP or may provide separate responses outlining their approaches.

The City encourages respondents to share their expertise, which may be used to shape the direction and form of the network. Respondents may work together to respond to this RFQ. The City is open to creative solutions that will maximize investment while providing reliable and high-quality services to meet its citizens’ needs.

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