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Grizzly Fest

Grizzly Fest Traffic and Parking Information

Grizzly Fest is a two-day music festival taking place on Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5, 2019, at Woodward Park. The festival will feature over 45 musical acts including Ziggy Marley, Portugal the Man, G-Easy, Matisyahu and Fresno’s own Fashawn. We expect a significant increase in traffic to the area and encourage festival goers to plan for extra travel time or use alternative forms of transportations such as Uber and Lyft or take advantage of the City’s “Fax to the Fest” service.

Grizzly Fest Map

Grizzly Fest Map

Grizzly Fest Parking Map

Uber and Lyft are both providing rideshare service for Grizzly Fest. Follow these instructions when you’re being dropped off/leaving the park:

South Side: On Audubon off River Park Place East
North Side: Off Friant and Fort Washington in the Riverview Shopping Center.

We strongly encourage you to take public or alternate means of transportation. The City of Fresno has set up FAX to the FEST service on Route 1 / BRT between Kings Canyon/Clovis and Friant/Audubon with buses running every 15 minutes until 11:00 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. The fare is $1.25 each way. Please purchase 2 single rides in advance at any BRT Ticket Vending Machine for collection.

FAX Route 1 Map

FAX Route 1 Map

There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVENT PARKING allowed in the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

There is no overnight parking allowed inside of Woodward Park, and camping in the city of Fresno is prohibited (Fresno, CA Code, Article 17, Section 10.1700)

SPECIAL NOTICE: The City of Fresno is temporarily unable to process requests through FresGO in the Woodward Park area. Please report non-emergency matters by calling 559-621-CITY