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The Sustainable Fresno Division mission is to translate Fresno’s environmental quality goals and many resource constraints into economic growth and development.

Resource Efficiency Programs

Programs under this activity are focused on reducing energy and water use in existing homes and businesses. In 2007, the City of Fresno as a community spent an estimated $750 Million on energy in the form of electricity and natural gas. The resource efficiency programs of Sustainable Fresno Division have a goal to reduce energy usage by 30% and save an estimated $225 Million each year in the community.

PACE Programs

In January 2011, the City Council unanimously approved the adoption of the first California Property Assessed Clean Energy ( PACE ) program for the City of Fresno. PACE is helping residential and commercial property owners improve their energy efficiency and save money. PACE utilizes bond financing to provide property owners fixed-rate, property-based, no money down financing for energy and water efficiency retrofit to their properties, significantly reducing energy bills and expenses with instant cost savings.

Financing PACE Programs

Below is a list of currently available PACE program administrators within the City of Fresno. Please follow the hyperlink to learn more about the program and how it might help you with your residential or commercial project(s).

Since the introduction of PACE programs in 2011, the programs have assisted the community move towards a more sustainable future one home or business at a time.

To date (2017) the PACE programs have assisted the residential community to perform approximately 3,710 projects with a total investment of $63,210,968.85. The PACE programs have also funded approximately 14 commercial projects with a total combined investment of approximately $1,309,896.00.

Figure 1 and 2 below show the types of measures and funding amounts for commercial and residential PACE funded projects.

Residential PACE
Commercial PACE

Disclaimer: The information provided here is believed to be an accurate representation of the City of Fresno PACE Program accomplishments, however, we make no warranties either expressed or implied for the correctness of this data.

Useful Resources

For more information e-mail Jose Gonzalez or call him at (559) 621-8090.