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Like every major city in the United States, Fresno has a Development Code, which is also known as a Zoning Ordinance. This document is the DNA of the city. It details all of the standards to keep Fresno developing in a smart and organized manner. A new Development Code was adopted on December 3, 2015. In order to streamline the development process for property owners and ensure that the right rules get applied to the right areas a new Zoning Map was adopted on February 4, 2016 and is effective as of March 7, 2016.

Official Zoning Map: This map shows the adopted base and overlay zoning designations for the entire city.

Zoning Comparison Map: A map which can be magnified to the parcel level. A slider bar allows the user to compare the old zoning for a site to the new zoning. Clicking on an individual parcel will display a simplified comparison of the old and new development standards.

Why Was the Zoning Map Updated?
The new Zoning Map will make sure that we grow in areas that make sense, and that other parts of our city are preserved and enhanced. During the five-year process that resulted in Fresno’s new General Plan, a Land Use Map was approved by the City Council. The Zoning Map Update will make sure the Land Use Map, the Development Code, and the Zoning Map are all consistent.

The new Zoning Map will protect and preserve our existing neighborhoods while making sure there are places for new investments the market will support. It will facilitate the creation of convenient shopping areas and robust employment districts with good access to transportation; it will create flexibility to build mixed-use buildings where investments are being made in upgraded transit systems; it will guide new single-family residential growth into areas that are served by the necessary infrastructure; and it will direct new multi-family housing into areas with the best access to jobs and services.

The new Zoning Map will also remove a barrier to investment. In the past, a large proportion of Fresno’s development projects required a complex and expensive rezoning in order to be approved. By updating the Zoning Map, we can eliminate that hurdle for most private property owners and make it easier to bring new investment to our city.
The Zoning Map update will help us preserve the things that we love about Fresno, protect public and private investments, and promote new investment in our community.

The new Zoning Map was considered at two public hearings:

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Additional Information
For additional information, send an email to or call (559) 621-8003.