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What is a Zone Clearance?

A Zone Clearance (ZC) is required to verify that each new or expanded use or structure complies with all of the applicable requirements of the Fresno Municipal Code and with any applicable policies and standards of the Fresno General Plan and any operative plans. A ZC is also required to confirm that the establishment of a new use is permitted as a matter of right and that no Conditional Use Permit or other entitlements are required prior to securing a tax certificate and commencing operation.

What is the zoning to my property?

GIS Toolbox This function will allow you to find information about a property, such as the APN number, the zoning, the existing land use, General Plan Designation, and whether the property is in the city or county. All that will be needed is the address of the property that you are researching. Refer to the Resource (hyperlink to Resource page when established) page for other tools that may help in researching property.

I'm looking to purchase a building. How can I be sure that the building's zoning allows for the use I intend on conducting?

Once you know what your zoning is, then you can find out to see if the zone district matches the land use. If there is a P, then the use is permitted by right. If there is a number next to the letter (#), then there are specific limitations located at the end of the table that apply. If there is a C, then the use will have to go through the Conditional Use Permit process in order to be established at the property. If there is a dash (‐), then the use is prohibited.

What are the requirements for fencing?

More information about the requirements of adding fences, walls, or hedges will be added soon.

What are the requirements for adding an accessory building or structure?

More information about the requirements of adding an accessory building or structure will be added soon.

What are the allowances and limitations on installing a pool?

According to Fresno Municipal Code: Chapter 15, Article 20, Section 15‐2005 – Pools and Spas:

A. Swimming pools, including slides and decorative features, Jacuzzis, spas, mechanical equipment, ground‐ mounted air conditioners, swimming pool pumps, and related equipment shall not be located in the front or street‐side yards, and shall be set back a minimum of five feet from interior side and rear property lines.

B. All equipment shall comply with all applicable noise standards. If needed, equipment shall be baffled and/or enclosed to reduce noise to acceptable levels.

If further questions or clarity is needed, contact us at (559) 621‐8277 to speak to a planner.

Where would I go if I wanted to see past permits and entitlements on a property?

Previous or active permits and entitlements on a property will be available online soon. Please provide either the APN number or the address of the property that you intend to look up. You can also go to our Records Counter (2600 Fresno Street, 3rd Floor – South End, Room 3043) to view at microfische that have previous permits and entitlements on them.

How do I report a Code Violation?

To report a code enforcement violation within the City of Fresno use the FresGo app or call (559) 621-8400.

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