Planning and Development Department

The Planning & Development Department has “Rolled Out the Red Carpet” to serve Fresno residents and businesses by assisting, regulating, and preserving residential and commercial development within the City. Our team strives to maintain the aesthetic beauty of Fresno, as well as the sustainable management of our land and water resources and public infrastructure, while enhancing the quality of life of its residents and ensuring the protection of public health, safety, and welfare within the City.


The Planning Division is committed to fostering a ‘We Work for You’ Culture to partner with our valued customers to ensure that their business aligns with the City’s General Plan and Development Code. Our Planning team is dedicated to continuous education, training, and obtaining pertinent certifications to enhance their ability to advise, guide, and assist, customers with all land use entitlements in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and Planning, Zoning, and Development Laws.

The Long Range Planning Division is dedicated to creating innovative plans, strategies, and initiatives that are rooted in community to build an equitable, sustainable, and vibrant Fresno. See what’s happening in your neighborhood, and join conversations with planners, developers, public agencies, and your neighbors to ensure great outcomes as our city grows.

Our valued residents and businesses frequently interface with the City of Fresno’s Building and Safety staff for building permits and inspections. Our team is here to serve you with clear protocols, improved technology, and the commitment to honor your time and budget. Through continuous training and staff development, our Building & Safety team is ready to advise, guide, and assist customers to achieve compliance, and work together to “Get to Yes!”

Since the launch of Phase One of Mayor Dyer’s ‘Project Off-Ramp’, the City of Fresno has provided shelter for more than 1,750 people, many of whom are now connected to services, programs, and permanent housing. With Phase Two underway, this city-wide effort continues to provide more safe shelter to our Homeless citizens. With sustained funding, great partners, and the City Council’s support, our HART team is committed to outreach and making every effort to house Fresno’s most vulnerable. This year, through the efforts of our Housing Divisions, the City will open 700 new Affordable Housing doors which is more than the last five years combined!

The City’s Parking Division strives to provide innovative and sustainable public infrastructure, and services, to preserve and enhance quality of life.  From on-street parking timed zones to over 2000 metered parking spaces, and eleven off-street parking facilities with nearly 4,200 parking spaces, our Parking team serves our community, and helps to Beautify Fresno, by preserving and promoting quality neighborhoods through management of the City’s on-street and off-street parking resources.

Today, Fresno has the largest collection of historic resources in central California; therefore, preservation plays an important role as we continue to focus on the downtown development and building Downtown Pride. The seven appointed individuals on the Historic Preservation Commission are committed to review all substantial alterations proposed to historic properties, nominations to the Local Register of Historic Resources, requests for Heritage Property designation, and comments on plans and projects that have the potential to affect the historic integrity of Fresno’s historic resources and cultural heritage.


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