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Board & Commission Application

Board & Commission Application

Individuals interested in seeking an appointment to a City of Fresno (City) board or commission shall comply with this Appointment Process. City boards and commissions may be created a number ways, such as by federal, state, or local laws, by action of Council, or by the Mayor. The applicant should consult the enabling document that created the board or commission in which the applicant is interested, to obtain the terms and conditions for the appointment. The following is the Appointment Process for City boards and commissions.

  1. APPLICATION – An application form is required to be submitted prior to appointment to a board or commission. The form may be obtained from the City Clerk’s office, any of the Council offices, the Mayor’s office, or by accessing the City of Fresno web page. Applications must be typewritten. Resume or letters of recommendation may be attached, and the entire form must be completed, with the applicant’s signature at the bottom.
    1. Background Review/Verification – Information submitted on the application may be subject to verification by staff as determined by the City Manager or at the request of an appointing authority.
    2. Residency Requirement – City residency may be required to serve on a particular board or commission. The applicant should consult the enabling document to ensure that the applicant meets the qualifications for serving on the board or commission in which he or she has an interest.
    3. Submission of Application – Completed, signed applications are to be submitted to the Office of the City Clerk, 2600 Fresno Street, Fresno, CA 93721, or faxed to 559-488-1005. Applications will be clocked in upon receipt and copies forwarded to the appointing authority.
  2. NOTIFICATION OF VACANCY OR EXPIRATION OF TERM – City staff assigned to assist the boards and commissions will immediately advise the City Clerk of the resignation, removal, termination, or expiration of any term of office of any board or commission member. Copies of all letters of resignation will be forwarded to the Clerk for inclusion in the appropriate file.
    1. Upon being notified of a vacancy, the City Clerk will advise the appropriate appointing authority.
    2. The City Clerk’s Office will post a notice of the vacancy and appointing authority on the City’s web page for boards and commissions, as well as the main bulletin board on the second floor of City Hall.
  3. APPOINTMENT BY ELECTED OFFICIAL – Councilmember/Mayor will submit transmittal sheet along with current application to the City Clerk’s Office for listing on the City Council Agenda for formal action, if necessary.
    1. Transmittal sheet will include applicant’s name, specific board, commission or committee, date of term expiration, if applicable, and whether the action is for appointment or re-appointment.
    2. Following approval, City Clerk will process Certificate of Appointment and contact appointee for administration of the Oath of Office. Updated information will be posted by the Clerk to the City’s web page as well as the Boards and Commissions Roster.
Boards and Commissions Application

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