Armando Cervantes


We are excited to announce the first employee of the quarter for the new Capital Projects Department, Armando Cervantes. Armando has been with the City for a little over one year and in that time he has been a key member of the Site Development team as it transitioned to a stand-alone section. Without any prior experience with the City, he has been able to take on the projects that were assigned to him with relative ease and push them forward for our partner departments all while navigating the City’s processes for consultant procurement, City Council award and contract management. Armando is a great communicator and follows up when necessary, with our partner departments, consultants or fellow staff in order to keep his projects on schedule. He can adapt and quickly take on new assignments including managing a project where the building had to be closed due to health and safety concerns. Armando was able to quickly bring a consultant onboard to prepare plans for a remediation repair, award a construction contract and get the building back open to the public. He continues to manage this project to ensure permanent repairs are in place. Armando is also very personable and works well with fellow staff and always has a great attitude. Congratulations Armando!