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Retirement Transitioning Workshop April 2012

On April 24, 2012 the City of Fresno held another workshop for members of the Employees Retirement System (similar Retirement Transitioning sessions are held separately for Fire and Police Retirement System employees).

Below you will find a summary of the information shared as well as some helpful handouts. You can also view the April 2011 Retirement Workshop.

Windfall Elimination Provision | Government Pension Offset | Medicare Starting Kit | HICAP | FORCE  

Please follow this link to the Employee Retirement Handbook. It’s an easy to read resource for your general City of Fresno retirement questions. For detailed information on your individual situation, please contact the retirement department at 559/621-7080 to make an appointment with a retirement counselor.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)-
What is it?
          It’s an account that allows qualified individuals to use their sick and/or supplemental sick accruals to pay for health premiums.

What Medical Premiums are covered?
          Medical, Dental, Vision, COBRA, Medicare.

How do I qualify?
          From the date of your retirement, if in the previous 2 years you have not used more than 80 hours of sick or annual for doctor or annual for sick you qualify.

What’s the benefit to me?
          It allows you to bank the value of your accrued sick/supplemental sick into an account that earn interest and it pays for your health premiums until the amount is exhausted.

**See your bargaining unit’s MOU for HRA eligibility**

When do I get my last check?
          On the next regularly scheduled city pay day.

What are the taxes on my leave cash-outs?
          25% for Federal & 6.6% for State.

Can I deposit my accrual cash-outs into my Deferred Compensation account?
          Yes, but you must contact Fidelity and setup the higher deposit amount for your last paycheck with them.
You still may NOT exceed your annual limits for the contribution.

Social Security Administration-
Who can I contact with questions-
          1) You can contact your local office in person or by phone
          2) You can visit their website
How long do I have to sign-up for Medicare-
          3 months before you turn 65 and 3 months after.
There are special circumstances where you can enroll outside of that timeframe; you must contact the Social Security Administration regarding that information.

Medicare Supplement-
HICAP- This is an agency that offers counseling to individuals regarding the various types of Medicare supplements available.
How do I contact them- They are located on 3845 N. Clark Ave #201 Fresno Ca 93726. Their phone number is 559/224-9117.
You must call to schedule an appointment.

Volunteer Opportunities-
R.S.V.P- Retired Seniors Volunteer Program
For opportunities or general information call 559/237-3101 or visit their website at

Fresno Organization of Retired City Employees.
This is an independent group and is not endorsed by the City of Fresno.
This is open to all retired General Service staff.
They are here to promote social and recreational activities.

Avante Behavioral Health - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)-
Available to all City employees and continued 30 days following your date of termination/retirement.
They can help with Financial, Relationship, Emotional, and Workplace problems.
They are available 24/7.
You can call 1-800-498-9055 or visit them online at