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 PeopleSoft Financial Reports (pdf file) is a user guide that can be used for identifying the various financial reports available in PeopleSoft. Included in this guide are the names of such reports, the primary information contained in the reports, and step by step instructions on how the reports are processed for viewing and/or printing. 

PeopleSoft Query Guide (pdf file) provides users step by step instructions on how to select and run public queries. This guide provides query users with a list of all major public queries, along the descriptions and uses of the such queries. This guide is extremely helpful for users with specific informational needs or who would like to have the information downloaded onto an excel worksheet.

The PeopleSoft Query Training Manual (pdf file) provides an overview of the PeopleSoft database structure, a conceptual explanation of queries, and detailed instructions for creating user-defined queries. The manual explains the process of defining the question, determining which tables to use, selecting and editing fields, and limiting the search through the use of criteria.

The Time and Labor Course Manual (pdf file) provides detailed information on reporting and processing time in PeopleSoft Time and Labor, and the process for reviewing and approving that time in preparation for Payroll.