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The mission of the Payroll Section is to correctly and efficiently pay all the employees of the City of Fresno, in compliance with all Federal and State regulation and the City of Fresno Municipal Code, Administrative Order, and the various Memoranda of Understanding.

Payroll serves five primary roles: First, processing the regular bi-weekly payroll that converts reported time into pay for employees. Second, Payroll serves as a resource to the payroll administrators in the city departments, advising on the correct application of policy and assisting with system and process questions and problems. We are also a resource to City managers, providing information from payroll data that facilitates the decision-making process. Third, Payroll is responsible for reconciling and posting the payroll expense to the general ledger, and is responsible for payment of all employment taxes and deductions. Fourth, we are responsible for keeping up to date with the changing regulatory environment and ensuring that the City is in compliance. Finally, we support and maintain all the computer systems and programs that facilitate the payroll process.


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