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Payroll Information Booklet

How to Use this Booklet of Information

  1. Keep this booklet in a three ring binder so it can be easily updated.
  2. Utilize tabbed dividers labeled Section 1, Section 2, etc… to keep the document organized.
  3. Emails will be sent out with updated documents and information on where the document should be placed.
  4. This booklet will also be kept up to date on this Webpage in PDF form.
  5. Add your own tabbed dividers at the end of the binder and add information specific to your department.

Table of Contents

Section Title Last Updated
1 Introduction and Confidentiality 7/21/2008
2 The Payroll Posse: Who to go to for help 6/10/2010
3 Schedule of Processes
          Page 1
          Page 2

4 Time Entry 7/2/2008
5 Adjustments and Corrections
         PeopleSoft Time and Labor Processing
6 Reports 7/28/2008
7 Queries
         PeopleSoft Query Instructions


Getting More Specific
          a. Prelist
          b. Acting Pay
          c. Leave Payoff Requests
          d. Retroactive Pay
          e. FLSA
          f. Time Donation
          g. Military Orders

9 Employee Self Service
          Self Service Options
          Direct Deposit Instructions
10 Payroll Dialogue Minutes
         Payroll Dialogue’s Page