Mayor Ashley Swearengin is encouraging Fresno residents to seek employment opportunities as our economic situation continues to steadily improve. Fresno has recently been named one of California’s top five cities for job growth, and the San Joaquin Valley is leading economic growth for the entire state.

However, many Fresnans are still looking for work, so keep in mind that conventional job hunting is not the only avenue to success. The City of Fresno has put a link on the City’s homepage that includes valuable resources for Fresno residents who are seeking employment - which include an assortment of resources a job seeker should be aware of and consider using in their search.

Mayor Swearengin is encouraging those seeking employment to be innovative in their search and consider using all methods to help get their foot in the door. Job seekers should be aware that there are resources that go under-utilized because there is a misunderstanding or judgment made about particular job training and job placement services but through persistence, a positive work ethic and innovative ideas, those willing to work hard will find success.

“This administration will continue to applaud and promote the success stories of those individuals in the community who are willing to go the extra mile to find employment. Not only do I strongly encourage and promote a positive work ethic as the basis for all we do in the City, but I believe that a strong workforce will always be the foundation for a strong community and a positive quality of life for all Fresno residents,” stated Swearengin.

Interested in working for the City of Fresno?
The City of Fresno's Personnel Department has made it easier than ever to apply for a position at the City on-line. Not only does the City offer a diverse range of employment opportunities for our residents but with over 4,000 employees, we offer a dynamic team of individuals that work every day to promote a culture of excellence in our City.

Job Training and Employment Resource Centers
Here you will find a list of job training programs that range from local culinary schools to medical billing- the options are endless. Often these programs take a short amount of time to complete but can prepare you for a lifelong career in a range of fields that fit your interest.

Job Posting Websites
These websites are primarily focused on jobs being offered in this region and range in employment opportunities.

Resume Building
Have you ever heard that saying, “You don’t get a second chance to make your first impression?” Well, consider your resume your first impression, so not only do you want to make sure you use spell check and format it correctly, but you want to make sure it is reflective of your experience, talents and goals. These website resources will help you take your resume from good to great so you make a valuable first impression.

Interviewing Strategies and Tips
Now that you’ve made it pass the initial stage and landed the interview it is crucial that you put your best foot forward. These website resources will not only provide valuable information for interviewing, but actually provide live video footage for good and bad interviewing etiquette.

Personnel Staffing and Executive Recruiters in the Valley
Have you ever considered using professional staffing agencies to help you get your foot in the door? Often these agencies and recruiters can provide unparalleled service because their focus is on finding a good fit for both the employer and employee so it is mutually beneficial to both parties. While in addition, these agencies and recruiters will provide the necessary tools needed to build your resume and be a strong candidate in the interview process.

Volunteer opportunities to gain work experience
All too often job seekers overlook the possibilities that come with volunteering. Not only does volunteering provide a great opportunity for networking but keeping proactive helps job seekers stay positive mentally, and most importantly, shows prospective employers you are a go-getter and not to just wait for the next job to land in your lap.

City of Fresno Jobs