81st Annual Fresno Christmas Parade


Parade Winners

Division One - Christmas Stories & Nursery Rhymes
1st WestCare Smart & The Living Room A Winter Wonderland
2nd Memorial United Methodist Church Our Christmas Card To You
3rd Aspera Housing, Inc. No Better Way, Than a Home, on Christmas Day
Division Two - Fresno: Celebrating 125 Years
1st City of Fresno - PARCS 106 Years of Service - Past & Present
2nd Pep Boys Pep Boys - Manny Moe & Jack
3rd St. Elia Celebration Committee St. Elia 100 Year Celebration
Division Three - Television, Movies & Disney
1st Owens Valley Career Development Center Family Literacy Program A Disney Christmas
2nd Turner Elementary Terrific Dancers Stomping the Snow Yard
3rd Sanger Paranormal Society The Sanger Paranormal Society Research Vehicle
Division Four - Sports, Pets and Wheels
1st Knights of the Shield Hope
2nd Los Caporales de Fresno Los Caporales de Fresno
3rd Fresno Grizzlies Baseball Fresno Grizzlies Baseball
Division Five - Music & Christmas Carols
1st SW Police District: Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back To Life Rockin Thru The Years
2nd Edison Bethune Charter Academy A Little Sprinkle of Wildcat Joy
3rd El Sol Dance Company Navidad

The City of Fresno has hosted its 81st Annual Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 11th, 2010 in downtown Fresno.  

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