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01/16/15  Martin Luther King Jr. Day Schedule for City of Fresno Offices
FRESNO, CA – City of Fresno offices will be closed in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday on Monday, January 19. The delivery of some City services on January 19 may be affected by the holiday as well. >more 
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01/15/15  Mayor Swearengin Issues Statement on Councilmember Brandau's Water Rate Comments
FRESNO, CA – Mayor Ashley Swearengin made the following statement on Councilmember Steve Brandau’s press conference and his comments on the City’s water rate plan: "Councilmember Brandau is right to point out that we need to get every dollar possible from the state and federal government to supplement the investment the City of Fresno is making to secure our water future. Those dollars will take years to ultimately make their way down to the local level, but I agree that we still need to make sure we don’t leave any money on the table. “This water plan already assumes a significant amount of state money, and we can factor in additional outside funding that could take some of the sting out of water rate increases. >more 
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01/08/15  Mayor Swearengin Issues Statement on City Council Ceremony
FRESNO, CA – Mayor Ashley Swearengin made the following statement on today’s swearing-in ceremony during today’s City Council meeting: "Congratulations to our newly elected and re-elected council members - Councilmembers Quintero, Baines, Olivier, and our newest member, Esmeralda Soria." "The City of Fresno had a productive 2014 as we balanced the budget and established a reserve, paid off our negative Fund balance, improved our ratings outlook, and set a vision for our future with the new general plan and the Fulton Mall and high-speed rail projects. "This new year will give us more exciting opportunities and I'm looking forward to working with each of our councilmembers to continue to move Fresno forward and welcome their leadership in our city. >more 
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01/07/15  Public Swearing-in Ceremony for newly elected Councilmembers to take place on Thursday, January 8  
FRESNO, CA - Incoming President of the Fresno City Council, Oliver L. Baines, III. announces the public Swearing-in Ceremony for Councilmembers is set for Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 10:00 a.m >more 
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