Mayor Swearengin’s Statement on Measure W Vote

Fresno, CA – Today, Mayor Ashley Swearengin made the following statement regarding the vote by Fresno City Council move forward with preparing a ballot measure and ordering an economic impact study, to be presented at the July 31st Council meeting, measuring the effects of Measure W on costs and revenue:

“I commend the City Council for moving the process forward while still giving us time to make a fully informed decision well before the August 8th deadline.

“Fresno is suffering through an unprecedented water crisis and our plans to provide a clean and reliable water supply are being jeopardized by both natural and man-made challenges. The City of Fresno has a chance to secure the water our ratepayers have already purchased and already have the rights to.

“Today, that water is being shipped down the river and not being used by City ratepayers. Should we go to the ballot, I believe the voters will understand the importance of securing our water supply. We see the impacts that a lack of water infrastructure is having all over our state. We can’t let that happen to our city.”

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