City of Fresno to Initiate Stage 2 Water Restrictions

FRESNO, CA – Today, the City of Fresno announces that it will elevate its Water Shortage Contingency Plan to a Stage 2 level, effective August 1, 2014.

The City of Fresno has been a leader when it comes to water conservation and is already in compliance with many of the restrictions proposed last week by the State Water Resource Control Board. In fact, because of its year-round conservation policy, the City has experienced an overall reduction of over 20% by Fresno water users since 2008, with a 10% reduction from January to May this year over the same time period in 2013.

“While we have already implemented a strong water conservation program, we continue to experience a dramatic drop in our groundwater level,” said Fresno City Manager Bruce Rudd. “This ongoing reduction, combined with elimination or reduction of our surface water allocations and coupled with the State Water Board’s directive, requires that we elevate our Water Shortage Contingency Plan to a Stage 2 level.”

The City of Fresno’s Stage 1 water conservation plan restricted outdoor irrigation to 3 days per week during the summer months and one day per week during winter months, and limited car washing to a bucket only with a hose equipped with a shut-off nozzle for quick rinsing. The new Stage 2 level includes limiting summer outdoor irrigation to a twice a week during summer months and prohibiting outdoor irrigation during winter months and increasing water waste monitoring.

The City of Fresno will also increase its monitoring efforts to ensure that City watering schedules for buildings, parks and medians follow the new State 2 rules. In addition, the City will intensify its water conservation public awareness efforts and media campaigns to prepare the community for the Stage 2 restrictions directed by the State Water Board.

Water users in Fresno will not see any immediate changes in fines for overwatering. Currently, the City of Fresno first issues a warning for wasting water on outdoors uses followed by a $45 per day fine at a maximum of four citations. The City has the authority to discontinue water services after the fifth citation.

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