Mayor Swearengin Announces FY2015 City Budget

FRESNO, CA – Mayor Ashley Swearengin, along with City Manager Bruce Rudd, today announced the proposed City of Fresno budget for fiscal year 2015 during a press conference at City Hall. The $995,383,300 budget presents a more encouraging outlook than the severe shortfalls confronted since 2009, and focuses on paying off all internal debt, beginning a steady and manageable restoration of service levels, and preparing for the future by establishing a minimum operating reserve to handle the uncertainty of a less-than-stable economy.

Mayor Swearengin said, “I firmly believe we are reaching our tipping point in Fresno, where the steady, aggressive changes we have implemented over the past several years are starting to achieve big results.”

The proposed FY 2015 budget remains consistent with last year’s budget, as well as the five-year plan presented to the Fresno City Council in 2013. Among the highlights:

  • Adds five police officers to maintain Fresno’s 717-officer force and 34 police cadets to the Fresno Police Department;
  • Increases minimum daily staffing for the Fresno Fire Department from 67 to 71 and purchases four new fire engines, one truck and one water tender;
  • Dedicates an additional $2 million for street improvements and road repair to be used citywide at the direction of each City Council office in addition to $350,000 allotted for council infrastructure projects;
  • Pays off all remaining internal debts four years ahead of schedule;
  • Begins to establish a minimum operating reserve, from $5 million for FY2015 to $27 million by FY 2019;
  • Provides for employee raises required by labor contracts and conversion of temporary employees to permanent positions due to increasing workloads;

“I am cautiously optimistic that we have been presented with an opportunity to continue moving our community forward while creating long term financial security and stability that will allow us to mitigate the impacts of future economic downturns,” said City Manager Rudd. “In light of what has occurred over the last four years it would seem that we owe this much to our employees as well as the community.”

Mayor Swearengin will present the proposed budget to Fresno City Council at its meeting this Thursday. The City of Fresno’s budget must be adopted by June 30, per the city charter.

FY 2015 Mayor's Proposed Budget
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