City of Fresno Announces Final Draft of General Plan 2035

FRESNO, CA – Mayor Ashley Swearengin announced today that the draft 2035 General Plan is now available for final public review and comment. The draft will be available for a 45-day public review period commencing today, Wednesday, July 2, 2014 and ending on Monday, August 18, 2014.

Interested parties are invited to submit written comments on the draft General Plan for consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council. Public agencies and/or service providers should also provide the name of a contact person with their response. Copies of the document are available at the City of Fresno’s Development and Resource Management Department, Room 3043 at City Hall and the Fresno County Library Central Branch at 2420 Mariposa Street. The document may also be accessed online at

“I’m pleased to present the final draft of the 2035 General Plan, a plan that has been five years in the making and includes literally thousands of comments from the community, our General Plan Citizen Advisory Committee, property owners, residents, and other stakeholders,” said Mayor Swearengin. “The 2035 General Plan represents a balanced strategy that will preserve neighborhood character, protect property values, and promote investment in Fresno.”

The General Plan, which was last updated in 2002, serves as the blueprint for the future land use and growth of the city in the form of maps, goals, objectives, policies, and implementation measures necessary to guide the city’s growth for the next 20 or so years. Virtually all City departments, along with other agency partners and stakeholders will develop their strategies, calculate their capacities and will develop their plans for successive decades contingent on what the General Plan prescribes.

State laws require that general plans be updated periodically to reflect population growth and physical changes that occur through development. The General Plan proposes measures and strategies to accommodate projected population through 2035, together with the development of related commercial, industrial, and public facility uses necessary to serve this population.