City Manager Mark Scott Issues Statement on FPOA Offer
FRESNO – City Manager Mark Scott today issued the following statement about an offer by the Fresno Police Officers’ Association:

“The offer by the FPOA today is a positive step, only in that they recognize the need to be part of the solution to the City’s financial challenges. However, the proposal presented is not a step forward. The City simply cannot afford the conditions they apply to the concessions. The proposal mirrors one offered a year ago that merely pushes the problems further down the road by not addressing extraordinarily expensive FPOA benefit costs the City cannot afford.
  • Their proposal offers to talk about pension tiers for new hires, but guarantees nothing.
  • It offers to talk about medical programs but FPOA has proposed no new options.
  • It does not address extraordinary paid leave allowances or the DROP program that pays retirees a guaranteed 8% on their annuity.
  • It does not address pension spiking or cost of living increases that far outpace those paid in other cities.

"What this proposal does is to grant some short-term freezes on 'extra pays' for things like uniform allowances, leave payoffs or fitness bonuses, in return for another 18-month extension to a contract that includes compensation benefits the City cannot afford.

"Another extension would make this a 10-year contract that pre-dates the economic downturn. If FPOA is serious about helping, they will agree to meet with the City’s labor negotiators and engage in real negotiations on a new contract – not taking the public stage seeking to create the impression that meaningful concessions are being offered.

"As always, it is important to acknowledge the great service provided the citizens of Fresno by the members of the Fresno Police Department. While it is impossible to place a true value on their courageous service, the City must match our expenses to our resources given today’s economic realities. FPOA knows that their members have been well protected during the years of the downturn. We remain committed to providing the best possible compensation for them and their families just as it is important that the City maintain service levels to the public they serve. We look forward to fruitful negotiations with the FPOA in the months that follow.”

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