Fulton Mall Artwork Removed for Restoration

FRESNO – Assistant City Manager Bruce Rudd today announced that three pieces of artwork on the Fulton Mall have been temporarily removed from the Fulton Mall for restoration work because of damage related to wire and/or metal theft.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that we have been forced to move artwork at the Mall as a result of vandalism and/or metal theft,” Rudd said. “In this case, we are experiencing some of the same issues related to metal and wire theft that is impacting the entire community. Once the pieces are repaired, they will be placed in their original locations.”

The pieces have been placed in a secure location pending the selection of a contractor who will perform the restoration work, Rudd said. The City coordinates with the Fresno Arts Council in selecting the contractor. The cost and length of time needed for restoration efforts will be determined once a contractor is selected and the amount of damage is fully accessed.

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