Mayor Swearengin Outlines Agenda for Second Term

FRESNO – Mayor Ashley Swearengin today outlined an agenda for her second term with the goal of making Fresno “The Turnaround City.”

“I am honored to continue to lead our city and am extremely enthusiastic about the direction of Fresno,” Mayor Swearengin said during a swearing-in ceremony at City Hall. “Everywhere you look, you see evidence of our city making a great turnaround.

“Much like the last four years, my team and I will spend every moment of the next four years working to improve Fresno’s economy. My second term agenda lays out our priorities for economic development in Fresno.”

Mayor Swearengin’s agenda will focus on these major areas:


Business Conditions and Incentives

  • Fresno Food Expo – expand the Fresno Food Expo every year by 10 percent and help secure new contracts for Fresno food manufacturers.
  • Enhanced Economic Development Rate – work to pass the Enhanced Economic Development Rate by the California Public Utilities Commission, thereby dropping power costs by 35 percent for qualifying businesses who expand, locate and stay in Fresno.
  • Incentives for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure – promote the City’s flexible water and wastewater infrastructure services to secure business expansions and locations.
  • Mayor’s Export Commission – formally launch an Export Commission with support from the U.S. Department of Commerce to help Fresno businesses increase their export sales.
  • Central Valley Business Incubator Food Entrepreneurs Initiative – help local food businesses launch and grow in Fresno.
  • Commercial Kitchen Incubator – plan for and launch a commercial kitchen incubator in Downtown Fresno to support start-up food businesses.
  • Bioenergy Initiative – work with the California Farm Bureau, private enterprise, utilities, the California Energy Commission and California Public Utilities Commission on launching a sustainable bioenergy industry in the San Joaquin Valley.


  • Learn2Earn – ensure an additional 5,000 adults access adult education over the next four years.


  • Food Processing Industrial Park District – complete assessment of industrial park district for food processing.
  • Five-year capital plan that supports industrial expansion – ensure the City’s next 5-year capital plan accommodates food processing industry expansion, as well as secures long-term water supply for the city.

Promotion of Fresno

  • Food Industry – aggressive marketing and promotion of Fresno’s successes in the food industry yielding 10 expansions/locations a year.
  • Public Market – launch Public Market in Downtown Fresno.
  • Farmers Market Directory

Revitalize Downtown Fresno

To protect our ag land; attract and retain the talent needed to expand our economy; and resolve City’s long-term budget issues.

  • Fulton Mall – complete environmental work on Mall options; choose a future for the Mall; securing funding; complete the project.
  • Investors – recruit an additional $50 million of private investment in downtown Fresno.
  • High-speed Rail Station – complete the HSR station area plan.
  • Parking – implement a parking program that supports a revitalized Downtown Fresno.
  • Infill Infrastructure Financing Task Force – develop smart, actionable plan to fund infrastructure needed for infill development.
  • Broadband initiative – recruit ultra-high speed wireless service to downtown Fresno.

Neighborhoods and Housing

  • Building Neighborhood Capacity Program –expand efforts from Lowell neighborhood into Southwest Fresno, El Dorado Park.
  • Homelessness 
    • Update 10-year plan to address homelessness 
    • Raise a total of $2 million for Fresno First Steps Home
  • 2035 General Plan – adopt and implement a General Plan that supports neighborhood revitalization

Beautification and green space

  • Master Urban Parkway Trail System – determine phasing for completion of Master Urban Parkway Trail System.
  • Median Island and Landscaping Initiative – develop private initiative involving corporate sponsorships and volunteers to enhance median island landscaping and maintenance.
  • Freeway and Highway Clean Up – ensure long-term, viable program to maintain highways and freeways.

Remembering Our Veterans

  • Restore the Veterans Memorial Auditorium

Supporting the Arts

  • Any Given Child
    • Develop and implement Any Given Child arts initiative.
    • Launch monthly promotion of local art galleries in partnership with Fresno Arts Council and Art Hop.

City of Fresno Fiscal Sustainability

  • Ensure sustainable level of operations.
  • Pay off remaining negative fund balances.
  • Start building back reserves in FY17 budget.

Fresno Citizens for a Strong Economy Campaign

  • “I Believe” campaign – reach 1,000 people through a minimum of 100 “house meetings” throughout Fresno in the next 12 months to talk about the future of Fresno and the future of our Downtown.

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