City of Fresno Preparing for Predicted Storms

FRESNO --City of Fresno staff are actively monitoring the approaching series of storms and preparing for possible impacts.

The City’s Streets Maintenance Division is on standby to clear debris from roads and storm drains. The public is encouraged to report clogged storm drains, fallen tree limbs in roadways and other hazards by calling 621-CITY. City crews will be on stand-by 24 hours a day to respond.

“Our storm drain system is designed to effectively handle the run-off from steady rainfall, like these storms are expected to produce over the course of the next few days,” said Patrick Wiemiller, Director of Public Works. “We count on the public to help us keep the system operating at peak capacity by reporting storm drains that are blocked or appear to be backed up.”

Residents and businesses can also help reduce run-off caused by unnecessary landscape watering by switching sprinkler timers and landscape irrigation systems to the “rain mode” or turning them off until the storms have completely passed.

Residents are also encouraged to clean out rain gutters on their homes and check downspouts to ensure water flows away from their property and into storm drains.