Mayor Swearengin Formally Invites Conan O’Brien, Bobblehead to Visit Fresno

Fresno, CA – After Conan O’Brien last night offered a budget solution involving bringing the Conan O’Brien Bobblehead to Fresno, Mayor Ashley Swearengin today formally invited the talk show host and the Bobblehead to Fresno.

Here is the text of the Mayor’s letter:

Dear Mr. O’Brien:

On behalf of the 500,000-plus residents of Fresno, I want to thank you for proposing your awe-inspiring “Conan Plan” to help the city address our financial challenges. We applaud your true leadership and concern for helping California communities during these troubled times.

We in Fresno are so inspired by your leadership that I am writing to formally invite you and the iconic Conan Bobblehead to Fresno. We agree that the Conan Bobblehead would provide a unique tourism opportunity for our region.

Our Fresno “Team Coco” members already are clamoring for the Bobblehead to visit our city. You may be aware that your fans have already created a “Bring the Conan Bobblehead to Fresno” page on Facebook, and the momentum in support of the visit continues to build with each passing moment.

Unfortunately, I cannot in good conscience extend a similar invitation to the Simon Cowell T-shirt. As someone who is charged with looking out for the best interests of our community, I don’t believe it would be appropriate to subject the women and children of Fresno to such a troubling image. I believe its prominent physical attributes may offend the sensibilities of our residents. I trust you understand our erring on the side of good taste on this matter.

We in Fresno are facing our financial challenges with fight and determination and are confident in the progress we are making. However, we welcome any and all help and believe a visit from the Conan O’Brien Bobblehead may be just what is needed to aid our community during these trying times.

I look forward to welcoming your team, your Bobblehead and you to Fresno. Please contact Georgeanne White at (559) 621-7900 or at your earliest convenience to make arrangements for this unprecedented Conan O’Brien Bobblehead road trip.

Again, many thanks for your leadership and inspiration.


Ashley Swearengin, Mayor

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